Helmet WIP

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Yay, I finished my 65 lb cardstock helmet.Next is resining. Here are pics. Tips would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I have some small gaps on the outside where i didnt hot glue good. Should i tape them over before resining?
Add the visor for the heck of it, adds look, then after resining it, cut it off with a electronic/air dremel.
i tried that for support when resining, but its to complicated now that the helmets all closed up and all.Im just ganna resin a little bit at a time, starting at the lower half of the helmet, working up, that should prevent warping alot better, plus the bill wont sag if i do it like that
I added my visor easily after the rest of the helmet was done. but it's your choice, some people like to leave the edges to look indented, while others get rid of it and just use it for more of their visor.
might just be me but it looks like the top half is kinda leaning to the right alittle, altho that might just be sag from the cardstock
Without the visor on, the front eye shield or whatever (the top peice that sticks out like a ball cap) that part sags the sides and leans over, thats why, I first tested my helmet on printing paper and it sagged, so i added the visor and it hold sup till today (but i remade it in cardstock for the final product)
If you dont want to add the visor, tape or glue a peice of cardboard or something from the top to the bottom for support, after resining, cut if off.
yay,i just resined the botton part.i marked out my helmet where i resin.i do the jaw, then the middle, excluding the bill, then the bill.But this qeustion:How long does resin take to cure, i wanna finish tonight...
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