HELP WANTED! Spartan Regiments, help your state

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I need some help now. Feel free to customize a banner for your state's regiment. I need pictures for each state, and I really don't wanna make them all myself. Whatever state you're in, make a banner for. We only need one banner per state, so if there are doubles, we'll use the best one.

the banner HAS to be these exact measurements:

470px wide by 50px tall

MUST be a .jpg format

here's a SIMPLE example.



Feel free to use pictures, shadows or whatever you want, but it has to have the state name in there somewhere. It's a banner for searching for each regiment, like this:

Post the banners in this thread when you're done. I'd appreciate it very much!!!!
make it however you want, just make it that size, and a jpg.

If you're from florida and want a palm tree in it, cool, if you're from georgia and want a Sid in it, cool too.
i'll fix it once i get my internet working no my other computer, i updated my comouter now its not working
Being the only man from Maine ill try and pull one out tommarow in Studyhall or Adobe class.

Edit PS:Hey Adam i see in Maine my name went in 2 times(accident) and then there some 1 named like djwety, that a real member?
Sweet. I'll see if I can whip one up for Massachusettes (That's how you spell that... right?) if I can get a pass from my photoshop teacher during a studyhall.

And I see you chose my 'Regiment' idea, huh? 8) 8)
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