HELP WANTED! Spartan Regiments, help your state

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So, for this happy Trio of La Florida what does our banner look like and how do start using it in the forums? If the banner is not to anyones liking I have some awesome PS skillz so I can remake as needed.


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Hi here's my Banner for you. :D


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Currently working on one in PS class, coming along quite nicely. UK Spartan just gave me the idea to incorperate the Mass. flag into it.should be ready by friday next wk. at the very latest.


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A US flag is very vauge, and would apply to every other Regiment here, with the exception of UK Spartan, or course. Still bound to turn out very well.


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Well.. we kinda' already had one, from the first page of this discussion.


I'm not sure about naming them regiments though...
According to

Regiment Military. a unit of ground forces, consisting of two or more battalions or battle groups, a headquarters unit, and certain supporting units.

Battalions - Military. a ground force unit composed of a headquarters and two or more companies or similar units.

Company - Military. a. the smallest body of troops, consisting of a headquarters and two or three platoons.

Platoon - military unit consisting of two or more squads or sections and a headquarters.

If anything, the Website becomes the Regiment, and then the States become Battalions, but the companies would fall under that somehow, and then platoons? squads?

I'd rather do it like the 501st does, with a Spartan Legion and State Garrisons/Outposts and Garrison Squads. It just seems more appropriate to me?
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