Help with a westerfield kit

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Please if anyone has had a westerfield kit please help me out with a question

I know that you have to put it together is it very complicated?
Do you need tools?
and if so What tools?
link4044 said:
nice pistols :mad:

Uhh..Holy ****! I just looked at them..they even have the same drippage imperfection on the right side. Its even like the one I have...

Those westerfluke bastards!

Just realised the correct spelling is redone to
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Those are Link's?! Sue them!

Who would recast someone's gun and charge more for it?

LINK! Was it Recasterss selling your pistols at Dragoncon?
LoL, you changed W'esterfields to recasterss. Need to take off an s.
I see what you mean I dont really work they anymore... accatly i havent talked to him in weeks... hmm it dose look excatly the same... ill call him up tommorw. ill handel this!
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