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Hellos, new here.

I recently finished my armor (Still needs resin/paint/fiberglass) and I was just wondering...How do I put details into my armor? With Pep. armor being so flat. I want to add all the contour parts that stick out and go in. I've read the stickies, but I can't seem to understand the "Bondo" part. Maybe if there were some instructions with visuals?

I also need to make the armor for my arms/hands. But I'm 14, 5'4 and skinny ._." I tried making the arms the same scale as the other stuff but with my skinny-ness, it just slides off. I tried scaling down and they fit, but they're so small looking compared to the rest of the armor. Any suggestions?

add padding to the inside of the biceps and forearms. that way it is the same size just smaller inside. You could stuff your underarmour producing the same effect but might be harder.
armor looks awesome! well after it's fiberglassed and sanded, u can try to put bondo or some epoxy compound (i don't really know the name for the rest of the worl it's called like that here in argentina) wich is really easy for modelling and hardens really strong, allows sanding and paint sticks really nice to it.
Thanks, I'll try that. The Cardboard and then using bondo to smooth everything out.
I'll also try using the idea of putting extra padding in the arms to make them fit but still look the proper size for the suit.

Again, Thanks.
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