Hey everyone...25th of september maybe?

Can i get it finished before the 25th of september?

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  • Maybe, it would be a challenge though...

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hey everybody ...i am very excited to get my clay and whatnot to make my armour ...my brother is going to buy it for me since i got no credit card:( , but anyway do you guys think it would be possible for me to make my armour before halo 3 comes out? because i want to get it finished for that date... and i am willing to work as hard as i possibly can to finish it on time ....thanks for the help....and inspiration:D

Ps: i cant buy from smooth-on because i live in canada ....any subjestions?
Option 3: Yes, but it's not going to look as good as if you took your time.

I rushed my first suit... and it looked rushed. :$ops:
k thanks ...umm do you know anywheres i can get oil-based clay and all ...without goin online for it? im in new brunswick by the way so i might have a few different stores......will home hardware , home depot, wal mart, super store, or any other store have clay ? because i dont know where to find any....thanks for the help :hyper:
hahaha thanks though but i was told they have it in a hobby shop at moncton but they said it closed:( so i have no idea where to get clay because i cant buy from smooth on because thats u.s only
You can definetely finish it, you have over a month. Work hard but don't rush it. Take what you have finished to the release, you can always finish it up later. Get the helm, chest, waist, arms and legs. Feet and hands can wait if in a bind.

ok kool thanks for the hint kiltman

i was at walmart earlier today and i looked at the helmet bonus peice for the legendary set and the guy is like haah you like it huh? and i said yea and he said if i makes you feel better you can take it off the rack ....i was like OMG :shock: :hyper: so i took it off and played with it for like half an hour haha and took pics with my phone and all haha .....if anybody knows how i can get my clay with out ordering online ...it would be of great help thanks alot
hey thanks for the positive posts guys it encourages me to work even harder then i was going to haha ...any more subjestions? :hyper: :$ops:
lol im gonna try my hardest this time ...i will also show my plywood helmet when i get my buds camera but the clay will be more expensive but ''walk through walmart as a big halo fan'' quality haha

and i DO wish i had the money to buy it then:( it wouldnt fit my head but i would have made it fit.....muahaha


man i cant believe i got to hold that helmet man haha ....but anyway i need to find som guys serious enough to act like marines so we can all go on ''the great journey'' to walmart in our suits
:hyper: if i try my best to make my armour everyone could be like :wowie:


I was just talking to a friend on the phone and he said that there is a Micheals (i think thats how its spelled ?) and i was like OMG haha so now im going to try to get to mikes and see if there is any good oil based clay...

Tell your friends that act as marines that you will buy them a taco if they help you out. Then buy 1 taco and make them share ;-) .

Finding friends willing to walk around in minor costumes shouldn't be that hard considering you will be walking around in a Spartan outfit, so nobody will pay them much attention.

excellent point , thats actually real funny haha but i really want to get this done and i want at least two guys and i have one for sure and now all i need is leftover money for a taco ;-) haha so im gonna start working with clay tomorrow and hopefully maybe get hand armour done? haha

replies would be great

try hard enough, and you can do it. i made my daft punk helmet in 3 days, i think you can make at least the helmet in a little over a month. even going from a raw sculpt to a mold, to a cast.
thanks for the encouragement man awesome :hyper:

i found out theres a micheals around here so im going to try to get some clay there if not another local store
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