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So, Con Nooga is around the bend and i want to go, how ever i want to go in costume, and i lack a majority of armor for a costume which brings to mind a interesting concept,
I can challenge myself to build a costume halo related in under 30 days, But which should i do
Post your ideas here

only thing i am going to say is, Spartans and ODSTs only, I dont have any halo 5 models and i am going to be using my Halo Magnum i have built, maybe my sniper if i have time to harden it
Which ever one i pick i will post the updates Here in this thread

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I would say go on already-charted ground and do a halo 4 chief build since there's already foam files available for all of the pieces of armor.
-__- why not just go as lord hood yourself its easy and with the leg holster you can even take you pistol.
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