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Hi everyone.

I'm Al, aka TheFilipino1.

It's about 0333 hrs and I'm having a little insomnia and have been searching MJOLNIR armor since I've seen the prototypes all over the interweb starting with nightmarearmor's concept.

It's been on and off with my interest of the armor most of the time b/c of local cons and Halloween passing by.

I'm an E3 in the USAF and also an assistant manager (SGA) for GameStop in Tulsa, OK.

Since my introduction to Halo, I've been a really big fan and have been doing it big ever since.

Started off with my special edition Halo XBox and then to t shirts and till now with my special edition Halo 3 XB360 and Legendary Ed. Halo 3 set. I also have a few figurines on display in my room.

I've seen I believe Adam's complete armor and also the some YouTube vids. (I thought those were great)

Personally, I like the idea of purchasing pieces or the complete set of armor cause it's a bit more easier to do, but it seems and I quote Nickleback, a credit card with no limit. Lol.

It seems if I were to create my own complete set of armor, it would take some skills that I have yet to develop and I don't have very many skillful acquaintances in my general area.

If anyone has any suggestions, please I'm open to criticism in anyway.

I also read a little about a Halo 3 clan or team, I'd be up for that too, random but possibly relevant.

So that's pretty much all I think about for a first post and I hope it wasn't too nub.

My goal really is to have a kick arse time here and possibly get a chance to come into ownership of my very own MJOLNIR armor.

That will show those cosplay characters that anime isn't always the way to play... (that sounds a bit odd, even to me the writer)

Well, that's about it for me this early morning. I have work at 1430 hrs and sleep tends to help. Morning everyone...



welcome, in my opinion very well done you can spell and usually newbs cant.
{outline of newbs first post}
hi i ws lukin at d forum b4 n i fort dey wer gd so i decided 2 join so am guna be ded gud n stuff n build sum rmor

were as you did it much better, welcome to the 405th
and to answer your questions i don't really know about the clan but you could buy armour... i would just be expensive, you would be better making your own.
plus there are some fantastic tutorials to help you out on here



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Buying armor is definitely faster, but there's something very rewarding about building it yourself. It may not turn out as good, and I'm the first to admit that scoring folds can get pretty tedious, but watching it come together piece by piece, in my opinion, is far more fun than just getting it FedEx'd to you and opening the box.
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