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high res Halo 5 undersuit files Pepakura/3d printing

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by Dirtsen, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Dirtsen

    Dirtsen Member

    A Sith? Maybe... I've always considered myself as some kind of Grey Jedi... you know... somewhere in between :p
    The difference is the proportions of the parts. Due to his/her augmentation and genetic engineering Spartans have a superhuman body structure.... blabla... you get the point. Check both of them out and use whatever version fits your body type. I'll go with the normal one :D
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  2. mblackwell1002


    same. SBG might have to go with the Spartan one...Intimidating...eugh...kidding, I would never give SBG so much credit! ;)

    I checked them both out, and they look extremely similar. Did you accidentally upload the same one twice?
  3. mblackwell1002


    Oh wait, the thighs of the regular human one are moved up, the ab is slimmer, the arms are shorter...etc...sorry...
    I see the difference now...
  4. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    Hell Yeah, started working on the files.

    However, i have a question... what's the difference between the "human" and the "spartan" version?[​IMG]
  5. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

  6. Vrogy


    Hey guys. Great work. I was worried that my files had been ripped off, so I did some wireframe renders. Had to modify the layouts a bit. They're huge renders, so you can zoom in on details.

    Comparison of Halo undersuit models: Vrogy & Hefley-Sarkar

    If it's still in NURBS, probably need to crank the subdivision to save folks some sanding.
    Something like a 3° arc linearization tolerance and minimum .1mm edge length should be good for most FDM printers.
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  7. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    New I tried with 3 programs reducin polygons, but all of them ended destroying the model. I'm researching on "Retropology" that will allow me to draw over the model with low polygons or just the polygons we need. This will take longer.
  8. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    When you have time send the file of what u have here. Thanks Yerry
  9. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

  10. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    just checked out your cod foam unfold. I definitely think it can work. Might I suggest that someone else to have a look at them, someone with experience using foam templates.

    Also, I imported both obj. files that you had. I don't think you exported them right, or something weird happened. Files aren't showing up visible in Blender. Another thing to make notice of is that the obj files or in KB. Pretty sure that they should be in MB, at least for an obj. file.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2017
  11. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    I downgraded the files to Pepakura 3, The retropology works for me but it will be great if the unfold be reviewed by an expert.

    Dropbox - 405th TechSuit Foam
  12. Dirtsen

    Dirtsen Member

    Good to see somebody working on this. The unfold looks good to me. I'll try this one out next week.
    Meanwhile I am experimenting with making 3d printable brush-in molds for rubberlike material. I also experimented with textile embossing. I am quite pleased with the outcome.
    It is quite easy. I 3d printed an embossing stencil (a small one just for testing). I attached some old cloth to 5mm craft foam with some hotmelt film. I put a vinyl film on top of that and used my textile-press to bond the 3 parts together. After that I turned the whole thing around, put it on the embossing stencil and used the textile-press to apply an even pressure. You can see the result here.

    And even after removing the cloth from the foam, it holds the shape. Theoretically you can sew it on top of a base suit like that.


    The Hex pattern was just a test. The Undersuit has various parts beside our soft parts where this technique could come in handy.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2017
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  13. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    Nice work!, my only concert is the mobility, we will try painting (painfully slow I know) the hex pattern on fabric and over the person itself, I will show you some pictures of the process.
  14. EndlessForrest


    Thanks for that image!!
  15. SPARTAN1803

    SPARTAN1803 Member

    This is looking pretty awesome! Great work!
  16. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    FINALLY !!!

    After some weeks of research I Figure it out how to reduce the polygon count without destroying the model.

    This is the reduced polygon model, if some one want to make his own unfold.

    Dropbox - Tech Suit - Polygon Reduction.obj

    Next step will be adjusting the model to a Virtual Mannequin (I'm 1.92 mt) and then unfold the pieces for Foam.
  17. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    We started yesterday with the main fabric designs, while I'm unfolding the foam pieces.

  18. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

  19. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

  20. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    I'm using a virtual Mannequin made with MakeHuman 2.0 To adjust the pieces to my size 1.98mt
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  21. Dirtsen

    Dirtsen Member

    Cool stuff! I'm working on a solution as well. Been experimenting with ironing 3d printed parts directly onto fabric.
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  22. agentflorida


    YerryBatista, where did you get the suit?
  23. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    It was sewed by our CosMaker :) Hope to finish the painting first step tomorrow and finish the unfold on tomorrow.
  24. agentflorida


    Ok. good luck
  25. CommanderPalmer


    YerryBatista The placement of the spine and hips is WAYYY too low.

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