high res Halo 5 undersuit files Pepakura/3d printing

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by Dirtsen, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    We are using a sponge to make the pattern, it must be done carefully, we're looking for a better method.

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  2. MasterChief7117

    MasterChief7117 New Member

    Love the undersuit! I'm curious what material you used,is it neoprene??
  3. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    Yes Chief, is Neoprene, we dediced to take no risk on the base fabric, Neoprene is the strongest we know.
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  4. LX1991

    LX1991 New Member

    hey, maybe a dump question but why don't you simply 3d print the highres-undersuit files with ninjaflex filament?

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