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high res Halo 5 undersuit files Pepakura/3d printing

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by Dirtsen, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    We are using a sponge to make the pattern, it must be done carefully, we're looking for a better method.

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  2. Love the undersuit! I'm curious what material you used,is it neoprene??
  3. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    Yes Chief, is Neoprene, we dediced to take no risk on the base fabric, Neoprene is the strongest we know.
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  4. LX1991

    LX1991 New Member

    hey, maybe a dump question but why don't you simply 3d print the highres-undersuit files with ninjaflex filament?
  5. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

    The problem is the cost, and in our countries (Latin American) this technology is non-existent or expensive.

    Other problem is that I'm trying to make an under-suit that can fit All Halo 5 armors, my plan is to cover some surfaces with "female" Velcro so you can build any part of any armor and attach it.
  6. YerryBatista

    YerryBatista New Member

  7. NathanLacroix

    NathanLacroix New Member

    I was shopping around at joann's fabric joann.com and found some fabric by ya ya han. see attached pics. It's a raised hex pattern. Might be useful = )




  8. bestellen

    bestellen New Member

    I see the difference now.

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