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I was shopping around at joann's fabric and found some fabric by ya ya han. see attached pics. It's a raised hex pattern. Might be useful = )






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Hey guys,
I have been a Halo Fan from the very start and I always wanted to make the costume... I've been building props for a few years now and have done a lot of stuff for customers. I've paused all that to make my own project come to life: The Master Chief.

I wanted to model the suit myself and had finished the Helmet already but then I stumbled across TheCarterbuilder12... and his files are just awesome. So I went ahead and printed that one.
But no matter how awesome your armor is... it just isn't complete without a good undersuit. I wanted to make a good one.

As we all have seen, the undersuit consists of various parts. Some hard parts combined with texture (hexagon) and smooth surfaces in various templates.
View attachment 240762 View attachment 240763 View attachment 240764

Okay, this is a video game and the material does of course not behave like it would in real life. but how would one get as close as possible to that look?

I've had some ideas that I already checked out. Here are some thoughts:
1. The whole base suit reminded me of a wetsuit! Awesome, that's it! I'll get one... done. Of course it is possible to get really hot in those... best buy a very thin one. It'll be fine... I ran around the apartment with it for a while, even outside where it was cooler. but that's not going to happen. Very uncomfortable and hot. The risk of collapsing was too high.... not very Spartan-like.
2. A custom-printed morphsuit! Ordered it... it fits... but it's very thin and not very warm when worn outside. Plus, the whole thing looks kind of cheap... better add some detail with some textil-liner to add the Hexagon-structure and outline the hard parts of the suit. That was better but still not great. Also, the suit design changed from Halo 4 to Halo 5 and the morphsuit was the Halo 4 design. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! Damn perfectionism.

So i tried this out and while I was still in the development-stage that was fine. I came up with this:

1. Find a suitable undersuit that is thicker than a morphsuit but fits just as well.
2. The hard(er) parts of the undersuit will be 3d modeled and printed, later cast and attached to a base suit.
- problem: Should the parts be vacuumformed, cast in rubber or in hard plastic... what would be best... how do I attach them to the undersuit... etc.
I worked together with theCarterbuilder12 for the various hard parts. Here is a quick screenshot.
View attachment 240768 View attachment 240769

3. For the smooth surfaces that look like those from a wet suit there will be templates plotted out of stretch-material and attached to the base suit with a textile-press. I've got a plotter and a machine for that and some experience working with textiles.
4. The hexagon pattern will be 3d printed and attached to the undersuit individually. Test have already been done and it works like a charm:
View attachment 240765 View attachment 240766 View attachment 240767

I'd like to hear the input of you guys on how to tackle this project.

Here is the link for the 3d printable files. There are 2 versions:

Normal Human Body Version

Spartan Body Version

The files are a little low poly for 3d printing as they are. To smooth them, you can use the subdivide modifier in any 3d modeling program. I use Blender, and the files look fine when I subdivide them 2 times.

Attention: You may use them for personal use only! No casting or selling them!

I will offer casted parts and/or vacuum formed parts in the future for those who don't have a printer of their own!

Share pictures of your prints or report any issues you have with the files.

Looking forward to hear from you guys!

What are the dimensions for the 3D printed hexagon shapes?
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