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This would be very neat, especially since it is an already exhisting marine corps mentioned in the halo 2 E3 demo by sergeant johnson, and having more information/cannon about this group as well as more interaction would be very cool to see
  • Generally, I agree with a lot of people in that I believe it would aid us to have multiple reference images of armours such as close-ups, profile, straight and behind shots.

It will assist in 3D modelling of said parts where, otherwise, and I'm sure legally, the organisation would not be allowed to present copyright models to the general public.​

  • In saying that, I do have some criticism in which I believe would be both beneficial to cosplayers and to the employees of 343. Hexagons/The undersuit being too intricate.

Previous Halo titles have fans design some wicked undersuits that match the game nearly identically. Once Halo 4 and 5 came around, not a single person that is part of this community (Besides some companies such as BlueRealm) has been able to replicate that design as the cosplay community doesn't have an infinite budget to afford urethane rubber to cast every component of the tech suit.​

It's not that I'm asking for you to make it less appealing. Just please take into consideration when designing new armours or undersuits, if whether the fans would be able to replicate it.​
I would even appreciate it if normal BDU's were worn underneath troopers such as the ODST as seen in Halo Reach instead of constantly making it appear as if they are wearing a rubber glove like in halo 3.​

  • Bring back ODSTs.

Yeah, that might be a self-serving statement. But I'm pretty sure 80% of the community here has made ODST suits, even though they were last featured 8 years ago (With the exception of the helljumper helmet from 2015)​
ODST's were a unique and more realistic design in that the vest were made of seperate components and that we knew that all of the ODST's essentially looked the same where we could do our own paint jobs and personal attachments so that our members project themselves into those soldiers. I'd like ODSTs (armor and all) to return in some form, even if it's just spartan IV's who wear the plates over their existing armour or small groups who didn't cut it for the spartan program or wouldn't (Like how buck initially thought in the book)​
  • Paints

As previously mentioned, similar to the Doom Eternal paint guide, use colour palettes already in existence rather than making very difficult colours to reproduce and match paints. It will help continuity among other cosplayers.​


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Hey everyone! We at 343 Industries were curious to hear what you think we could be doing better to support the cosplay community?

We’ve been tossing around the idea of releasing closer looks at in-game armors (and weapons) via reference screenshots and 3D turnarounds, but we’d love to hear any and all additional suggestions you may have for us. Feel free to be as broad or as granular as you like with your suggestions!

Obviously there will always be some requests we can’t fulfill and some that will take time, but we’re looking to make a stronger effort here and will do our best :)

Not directly about Cosplay design.. but if you folks could develop a custom symbol system(it'd be balanced by having to beat the game, then playing for two years afterwards. This would reflect the patience soldiers must hold in order to serve and complete their mission). And this would also help the Community and Cosplayers because the games and Cosplay would have a better connection. If you create a character in Cosplay you could then still use the custom symbol that represents part of your character in the build.


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Hello Unyshek! I can't tell you how pleased we are that you've taken the time to check in with us. We are forever grateful for the opportunity! Thank you for reaching out to EVAkura and thanks to EVAkura for contacting me!

As you can likely see by now, our members are fiercely passionate about their builds and getting details just right. They want to do their very best to represent Halo. 3D turnarounds - especially showing what's going on under things like the arms or backpacks are hugely helpful as is colour reference. Techsuits are dang hard to get right so showing those details would definitely be helpful.

And I'd love to see more reference for softparts - Uniforms etc. I died and went to my happy place when TurboCharizard got us photos of Lasky's uniform on display and then I got to drool over it at Outpost Discovery! Well....not LITERALLY drool on it - dang glass! It was then that I realized I was missing a centre back seam. ARRRGGGHHHHH. Back to the drawing board!

Asgardianhammer dream of having the Absolute Record put together is very high on our list as well.

Now let me ask you this - what can WE do for you?


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Hey all – thank you for providing so many excellent ideas and references! I wanted to swing by and let you know that this is something we're still looking into :)

I do have one follow-up question: If we were going to provide materials on one character from a previous game, which character would you want it to be?
The Rookie!

Edit for reasoning behind The Rookie. He's probably the most generic ODST out there and ODSTs are some of the most popular builds for 405th members and often the first build any of us take on. Having as many references, breakdowns, exploded views of how things work on the character will help the highest number of people. If you wanted a "face character" I'd vote for Edward Buck or Veronica Dare but would lean towards Gunny since he'd be the most bang for the buck (pun intended) for 343i efforts and the 405th.
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I'd also vote for Rookie. Slightly biased, as I plan on making one, but additionally ODST costumes appear to be among the most popular to be made, so I think it'd likely have the highest reach/influence. I could be wrong, but I also think they vary the least between the different games (at least compared to Spartans).


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Hey all – thank you for providing so many excellent ideas and references! I wanted to swing by and let you know that this is something we're still looking into :)

I do have one follow-up question: If we were going to provide materials on one character from a previous game, which character would you want it to be?
The Arbiter, we have a handful of members working on Elites and to have information on techsuit and materials would be very beneficial

Both classic and Halo 5 versions. I know the H2A cinematics used the H2A version of the Arbiter but wearing the armor from H5, thats a version that I feel we could really use! There are only a handful of shots out there of it
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I do have one follow-up question: If we were going to provide materials on one character from a previous game, which character would you want it to be?

Gravemind! :D

How about focusing efforts on the base model of a species? For things like ODST's, Elites and Brutes the base model is just modified by the engine adding the different varieties of armour. So focus on the generic model in detail, and then show the various ranks of armour as individual pieces.

Spartans are a bit different obviously, as their character models tend to be fairly unique except for the MP armour mix.


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Thanks for all the ideas and feedback on this thread everyone. As a direct result of your input, we've launched our first official Halo cosplay guide on Waypoint!

You can read the full blog on Waypoint and grab the guide using the links below:

I've also created a thread on the Waypoint forums that can act as a "landing page" with links to future guides when we're able to make them:

Thank you all so much, and I hope you enjoy!
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