How can 343 help?


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along with permission to sell halo props on places that are not homemade craft selling shops like etsy, just a suggestion.


Sorry for the slight delay on sharing it directly here, it's been a busy couple of days! :lol:

Mark VII [GEN 3] - June 2021 Update
To keep the Halo hype rolling this week, we just shared our second cosplay guide on Waypoint! The great reception and constructive feedback on the first ODST guide made this one an absolute blast to do. Just like before, you can find the blog on Waypoint and save a copy of the guide using the links below!

View attachment 306994

As always, please let me know if you have any feedback on the guide! We're always looking to improve :)
Awesome work, kudos man!


These guides are absolutely fantastic! I'll be forming mine from aluminum and steel sheet metal and the multiple views and breakdowns into individual components is exactly the information I need. Thank you for doing these!

Now....what kind of bribe do I need to do to move the Mark Vb into the "next up" in your que? :)

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