How much paper

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im not done yet, but ive allready used 250+ sheets. but then again ive also had to remake many pieces due to scaling...
right foot, right calf, right thigh, right forearm and bicep, left forearm, left thigh.

i remade the forearm 3 times and the left calf 3 times and the left boot twice before I got the scaling number right, so that wasted quite a bit of paper. So probably another couple hundred pages. But to make my self feel better im taking all my scrabs to the recycle place.
It really depends on your scale and how many mistakes you make. You can easily get it done with less than 200 sheets if you don't have to remake any pieces, probably fewer if you scale it down. If I remember correctly, my chest piece used like 25 sheets or something and my helmet used 14, and those are the two largest pieces.
I'd say get a ream to be on the safe side....

With the surplus you can sell pepakura kits to people you know IRL.
A ream is 500 pages and is the quantity that normal printer paper is usually sold in.

Those big 2.5-3" or so thick wrapped packages of paper are reams.
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