How to fabricate the inside of your helmet to be more comfy

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okay any ideas? but the helmet would still have to be able to fit a couple fans.





last pic shows the inside for a quick second!

(please don't steal the last pic, it's what im using for my next signiture)
It's not stealing since Bungie made it, not you, we can all make one of those sigs.

But on a side note, I'm pretty sure they sell helmet padding at bike stores and stuff, like the one you posted on top.
I had brent make it for me, and i don't want everyone else to have that same pic for there sig, and thanx I guess,

but how would you instal it and make it fit right?
Use duct tape and fill the interior of the helmet. Then using and razor blade cut out the duct tape in triangle patterns (starting at the crown). Then the triangle patterns are your interior pattern. Transfer the pattern to leather or fabric. Give it about a 1/4 of an inch border. Then cut the pattern and sew it up. Use a little cotton or foam padding in the same pattern then glue your new sewn pattern in.
I'd simply use hard hat liners. You can buy them without the hard hats and just mount them inside the helmet, AND they are adjustable.

Here's the one I intend to use:

(note how bloody cheap they are as well)

Using the liners will take up less space for implanting fans. The liner only makes contact at four points around the inner circumference of the helmet.
I've been making custom interiors for my helmets that are gonna knock your socks off.

I found this material at the fabric store called 'Headband Liner'

It's a layer of soft black fabric backed w/ 1/4" of gray polypropylene foam.. it's the bomb for hemet interiors.... I'll have pics up later tonight of the new helmets.. :hyper:
Fantastic looking. I think once you have the link for this cloth, you should put it in the sticky that has other things of this nature. Ya know, the neckbands and gloves and where to buy fan supplies...I cant remember the thread name though.
I think that you're thinking of the 'Off the Shelf secrets" thread.

I just did some seaching, and I can't find it listed anywhere, which leads me to believe that the store I bought it at locally isn't calling it by it's real name.

I have the SKU's saved at home.. I'll see what I can do.
if you can't find that fabric anywhere else... the same result could really be gotten through making the padding out of 1/4 inch foam, and covering that with any number of swimsuit materials (since they'll be easier on your sweaty head :p)

that's what i do for the padding inside of any helmet i make.... just cut the pad out of foam, stretch the fabric over, glue, and pin it down till the glue dries. after that it's a simple matter of adding snaps or velcro so that the pieces can be easily removed from your helmet for cleaning purposes.
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