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How to flip Pepakura files?

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by doom535, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. doom535

    doom535 New Member

    I'm working on Noble 6 armor and I am new to this whole paper craft thing. I went to do the thigh but realized "Oh wait, there is now left/right thigh. It's just one file" So my question is; is there any way to flip a file in the Pepakura program?

    WVISION Jr Member

    yep in the 2d menu there is something called invert pattern.. That will flip it. Just make sure you re adjust your parts on the paper. I forgot after I flipped one time and had parts stacked over other parts..
  3. doom535

    doom535 New Member

    Hm, I'm having trouble finding the 2d menu. I've searched all over, but I just CAN'T seem to find it. =\

    WVISION Jr Member

    Did you download the designer or just the viewer? The designer has the 2d menu along the top menu bar.. Once the drop down menu opens its just a few spots up from scaling..
  5. Evergrace

    Evergrace New Member

    Make sure you're using Pepakura Designer, viewer doesn't have all those fun abilities.
  6. doom535

    doom535 New Member

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks guys.
  7. dung0beetle

    dung0beetle Well-Known Member

    You may notice that the 3d preview doesn't flip. This is normal. Nothing has gone wrong. The 3d preview is just a reference, not the final development. The "2d pattern" window is what will print what you see (as long as it is placed within the margins).
    Crystelle likes this.
  8. tom sal ve

    tom sal ve New Member

    Just adding that the invert option is under the "Other" section in version 3 of Pepakura designer.
    and its called "Mirror Invertion."
    Crystelle likes this.
  9. Katsu


    What do you mean "just adding"? The last post was three years ago. Necroposting is against forum policy.
  10. Carpathia


    True, it's now called "mirror inversion." But three years ago, when the last post was made, it was called "flip pattern." Please pay attention to the date on the last post. If it's more than a month or two old, and you have nothing profound to contribute, leave it alone.

    The OP has been informed, and seems to have had his problem fixed almost three years ago. No more need for this thread.
  11. kodagames

    kodagames New Member

    Is it possible to print the model inside out? In other words I would like to be able to fold the model using edge ids but have those id's on the inside of the model, is this possible with pepakura?
    Greatly appreciate the help!
  12. Crystelle

    Crystelle New Member

    THANK YOU!! Felt like a moron not seeing it in the 2D menu lol. Much appreciated!
  13. Crystelle

    Crystelle New Member

    Actually there is still a need for this thread because when I google or search this question on the site, this thread is the first one to pop up, so having that information here in this "old" thread saved me a ton of time searching. What he contributed was quite "profound" for this purpose. Next time let's try being supportive ya?
  14. Dirtdives


    Crystelle, be advised, while the information here is quite important, the age factor is an issue. Necro posting is frowned upon as it pushes current threads down the list. This one in particular is several years old. If you do have a question regarding an aged thread, you should PM the author directly. It has nothing to do w/ being or not being supportive. It's a matter of courtesy to the current threads not to bury them.

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