Howlerlorian. Why? Because we can


Working through the concept, phase of a mash up. Probably going to lean on 3D printing and leatherwork. For some god awful reason I keep trying to convince myself I should add chainmail but I’m not sure it would vibe quite right. Hmm

Planning on using Bo-katan armor as the base - customizing it a bit and mashing it up with the howler from Harry Potter.

Looking at adding electronics that include audio and LEDs and … I don’t know what else at this point.

Have a mood board plan to kick us off. Buckle up.
Sounds like it'll be a really interesting build, love how customisable mandos can be! I think the chainmail could work too, just depends on how its used. Looking forward to seeing how it goes boof :)
Thats such a cool idea!! I wish I had friends. Lol how cool would it be to have a whole mashed mando group
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