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I know a lot of people have talked about "pimpin out" their helmet. But has anyone ever tried to put in a Heads Up Display that isn't just something painted onto the inside of the visor? Like an actual projected image?

Any idea's on how one might go about that? I plan on finding a way to put one in my helmet.
you could try taking an LED and putting it under the top visor part that sitcks out, then try to cover it with a peice of paper that has the cut outs of the hud..
so the paper would block excess light and only shine the display hud...

im ganna try that when i make my hemlet! Good thought!
and expensive ^^

But don't you think that if you have the projector so near your eyes, it will damage your eyes? I think it's juste useless.
well it isnt THAT expensive

i mean leds are like 3 bucks...and i wouldnt see how it could hurt your eyes cuz it would only shine the HUD
Yeah but I do you make a HUD with LEDs...?

I was thinking more like a flatscreen inside the visor, and a camera outside the helmet. The projectors would display the view of the camera. And you just to have, I don't know how, display a HUD on the current camera view... :Steve:

I think I'm getting tired...

And you should be at 45 cm of your computer screen. In a helmet, you are at 5 cm or less. It will damage your eyes, especially if you are using LEDs.
If you had the light so that it showed on the visor but couldn't really be seen by your eye (except for what's seen on the visor) I can't see how it could do any damage. I'm thinking shine a light from inside like shown below:

PLEASE do not make fun of my crappy picture, I made it in paint in like 5 seconds. lol

well if you use a low amp LED

and also its outside the TINTED visor

lol mine was in photoshop...maybe 5 mins
If you show it from the inside it won't. And actually, having the outside reflect the light might be a good thing. It might just show straight on the visor and then deflect off to keep it simple.
Ok maybe. But it's useless! ^^

You are the only one who will see it. And if you want to put such technologie in it ^^ you will have to rebuild all your helmet (Remove your visor, and some other parts...)
Haven't made my helmet yet. :)

And I think I'm capable of deciding what's useless to me or not. One man's trash is another man's treasure. :)
i had actually considered doing this, before i joined these forums. i was thinking a tiny webcam between the two "prongs" of the visor, a full computer in the backpack of the armor, and a lcd screen inside the helmet.

the only thing i can think of is that the paper thats cut out would have to be realy small...or you could try 2 leds and put them INSIDE the top visor and leav part of it clear and the hud images opaq*spell check, but then you would have to skew them so they would be even or if you didnt theyed turn out skewed:
What about this. What if you used mirrors as a screen type thing. For instance, rather than shining it directly on the visor, you have it just in front of the visor (on the inside) using the mirror as a screen. The mirror is slanted so that it shows the reflection of an image (or another mirror if there isn't enough room for components).

For example:
yeah...good thought tho...brings some imagination out

i actualy had a lazer tag set with sun glasses that had an arm extending from it with a mirror on the end. at the other end of the arm was a very small led, with a plastic cover over it to make a 'hit symbol', 'firing symbol', and a 'shield symbol'

would if you tried this:
well i dont know HOW to GET them but the army uses so COOOOOOOL looking stuff there likr one sieded shades but there reflective for the projection but clear for you vison ( look @ ghostrecon) :dee:
i have seen a pair of glasses that have an lcd screen built into the lense and works off of an external input. exactly the same as in 1 of arnys movies. you could hack 1 up but i think there xpensive. also you can get 2.5cm lcd screens. that take external input aswell

the 1 i seen sat up above the left eye and just looked like normal sunglases

heres another
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