I know I'll feel dumb for asking

Lieutenant Jaku

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so i know ill feel really dumb soon but there used to be a map of where all the members were, is this still around? I cant seem to find it.


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I swear I was just looking at one like two days ago, but I can't find it now. I even went through my history, but the links that looked right now bring up error pages here. Maybe someone clue-ier can offer some insight?


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I have not been able to find the map on the PC version either. I know that we recently did a website transfer thing, so there are some minor changes around the site. Hopefully this is not one of them because I really like the map.

FANGS Cadet can we get this thread moved to site support?


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Zoinks! I didn't know it was missing! Yes, there have definitely been upgrades over the last little bit and it is likely that it just isn't back up but I'll let Art know just in case he doesn't realize it isn't there.

Sean Anwalt

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There's also links to other threats at the bottom of the reply box. That's throwing me off...