I-Pod or Zune?!

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iPods are great. It's just iTunes that sucks, and for the casual user iTunes is your only option.

iTunes slows down my computer to a crawl (my PC is somewhat old, but I have no problem running any of my programs except iTunes).

One wrong move will clear your library off your iPod, leaving you to resync, which takes forever. One wrong keystroke will bring you to the tediously slow iTunes store browser, which by the way I have never needed to use.

The video converting software just plain doesn't work. There's no way to do it wrong because it's pretty much a one-click deal, but I've never gotten videos to work the way they should without using third-party software.

Unfortunately, you'll end up spending so much time in iTunes putting together playlists, editing track info, converting MP3s, etc., that eventually iTunes will be your default music player. But if you can deal with that, the hardware itself is solid.
Bad Blood said:
im gonna get like flamed here :eek
im a mac boy :$ops:
so ima have to say ipod
i saw the zune and i thought it was a piece of crap..
you microsoft guys are probably thinkin the opposite of what im thinking so ..
dont kill me

blinkava44 said:
i love my ipod, and my mac

*sniff* i love you guys :cry1: MACS RULEEEEEE :rock:
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Bad Blood said:
i got the mac people to speak up XD ;-)
i declare myself the new leader of the mac people in this forum
lol j/k

well technically i sed it on page 2 buuut ;-) i wont shatter ur dreams
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well, I got a zune. Ipod is better if you want more accessories. There are almost no accessories for the zune.

But, I prefer the zune.
im happy now with my zune and playing halo 3 espilon


its acually ms paint
SPARTAN-430 said:
Zune is way better! And if you want something better than the Zune get the Halo 3 Edition Zune :D!!

:agree: H3 ZUNE FTW!
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