I'll be in Houston from 11/16-11/18

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ill be visiting Houston the weekend of the 16th through the 18th for a bunch of concerts and the Saints vs. Texans game.

Friday the 16th - Coheed and Cambria
Saturday the 17th - Brand New
Sunday the 18th - Saints game and Brand New again

anyone on here live in houston? or better yet, has plans to attend any of those events? im gonna need something to do on saturday during the day, and i dont wanna do the typical tourist thing and go to the galleria.
I would say I'd be Here... I live in Houston... but the Texas Renaissance Festival is just North of Houston, and we were thinking about taking a day trip up there to check it out... never been..

They have armor... umm old armor, but hey... still cool... Brand New @ The Warehouse Live should be a good show, but you aren't going by yourself are you? And are you wearing your armor to the Houston Saints Game?

Who knows what will happen for sure..
im bringing a chick friend along with me to all of the concerts and the game. im definitely wearing the armor to the saints game, as i have seats on the 3rd row right between the saints sideline and entrance tunnel.
abandonship said:
god i love brand new. i wish i could go to that show.

honestly im not a huge fan of them. i dont dislike them, but my chick friend really likes them so im going.
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abandonship said:
your chick friend is smart. ;]

she may win me over on them. it wouldnt be the first time i listened to a band because a hot chick recommended them.
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