IMPORTANT: Regarding The Election

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I hope that this warning will go without saying, but I'd like to remind everyone, on the evening of this election and through the next few weeks of the following:

Political discussion on the 405th is not allowed. Regardless of your feelings on the subject, we're here to create costumes, not to vent on each other about our feelings on the subject. So, I'm hoping this will serve as a friendly reminder to everyone here to please keep it clean, and if you happen to see any discussion on that vein sprouting, to please refrain from responding and instead report the post so that one of the Staff members can deal with it.

Thanks all, and have fun.
Pardon the sass ma'am, but us Snow Mexicans couldn't be bothered with the four years of soft pitches to political satirists that you're setting up down there.

We're just here on the 405th to have a good time and if some of the current events slip into conversation, well, it'll be a case of biting our tongues and quoting Gold Five.
Not open for further replies.