In-Engine Armor References [Source Film Maker]


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Whew. Sorry that took so long, but I've been all over the place as far as my availability over the past months between commissions, personal projects, and a final decision to start writing "that novel" if only I could remember what "that novel" was supposed to be about.

Anyways, for this round of screenshots, we're looking at the Halo 2 Anniversary ODSTs


I considered holding this one off as a lower priority since the H2A model actually had some pretty good references available already, but there are some details in there I figured I could reach that might be a little harder to see. So we're gonna get pretty deep into it here.

Starting with the Torso:



The back has to probably be my favorite part of the the entire model, if not for the combat webbing and the knife on the lower back--a feature I've transferred to my own ODST OC--It's that backplate. I'm no expert with EVA foam carving by any stretch, but I can already see the methods behind making this one happen in my head.


Next up, I'm gonna get several angles of the arms.




Hips/Legs next, then on to the boots.


A lot of the webbing here looks like it can be made well enough with existing pouches from condor or Rothco's assortment of MOLLE pouches after the drop leg platform is made with a material of choice.


Best for last! We're gonna look at the helmet. Don't mind the visor coloring, that's just how the modeler made it look.

Anything you guys want me to screencap for a better look, let me know.


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Hey guys.
So some of you might recognize me by username or by some of my artwork, some of us may have even met in person in or out of cosplay, but for those of you who don't know me, my name is Mike (I often go by Rookie) and I work with a program called Source Film Maker to create fan art for various games, namely but not limited to Halo.

View attachment 275405 View attachment 275406 View attachment 275407 View attachment 275408

Outside of its value in creating fan art, it's a great program to use to obtain reference material; in the past I've used it to take screenshots for artists in the past be it for commissions, requests, or because they simply needed a better angle on certain character details. In the past year however, one of my friends that I met con-going in the midwest, you may know him as NobleofDeath16, had requested some detailed screenshots from me when finalizing his ODST build, in addition to several other character and object references .

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View attachment 275413 View attachment 275414 View attachment 275415 View attachment 275416
View attachment 275417 View attachment 275418 View attachment 275419 View attachment 275420

This thread will have the intention of doing just that for any and all potential builds. This can be based on simple request (character bodyhacks and references aren't difficult for me to do at all and take a fairly short time to set up and screenshot) and will be motivated by the goal of answering any questions regarding those difficult-to-reach details.

If you have any armor designs giving you trouble, any details you need to get a better look at, or just want to have some references as to what you want your specific build to look like (i.e. Armor Configuration, Color Schemes, Gear and Equipment) feel free to leave a post letting me know what you'd like to see.
My replies might not be timely, but I'll try to check back on this thread at least once a day and spend maybe an hour gathering references for the day's requests. As far as artwork goes; the references I'll be providing will only have the characters in a basic T pose or with basic limb manipulation/removal to give a better view of what you're looking for. I don't want to use this thread to advertise, but if you really want to have a piece done with the build avatar you're creating, we can talk about commissions elsewhere.

I hope to hear from some of you soon, it's a great feeling getting to see you work. In fact, if you end up working off my references, feel free to leave a link to your progression thread down below so I can see how it's coming along.

Thanks again!

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View attachment 275895 View attachment 275896 View attachment 275897

I grabbed some of these so far showing off the core chest rig and general body shots along with attachments, backpacks, etc. If there's anything specific that you want to get a look at, feel free to ask!
where can i get the halo reach marine models i want to mess around in sfm but without halo its almost not worth it

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