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So basicly ever since I stared using PC's I have been jumping from trial to 30 day trial becuase I can't grasp the fact that you have to pay for protection :)p) so anyway what do you guys use? I need something that is very powerfull yet not resource hoggy or something that fills firefox and your taskbar with it's logo.
so far I have used:
Windows defender
and a couple not worth mentioning ones

so post your program and use ctrl+alt+delete to see how mush cpu/memory it takes up
I use Windows Defender, a firewall (not windows), and smart browsing tactics(what it is, basically, is that I know what types of sites support adware/malware, and I avoid them. Ex: page that has lots of blinking, noisy ads and a tiny strip of content that takes a few seconds to spot).

I do not have any toolbars in my browser, because my browser already comes with a search function. If I can't find it from Google, Ask, etc., I don't want to find it. I'll wager over 90% of the users on this forum have a toolbar such as Mywebsearch or the like, and don't know how to get rid of it. Yahoo toolbar is the worst, because it is made by a known, legitimate company. It is still adware!

I used Avast for a few years, but the new version sucks. I used the full paid version, since it monitors all processes, scripts, applets, etc. that communicate with your computer without you noticing.

You get what you pay for (unless you are paying for norton), so shop S-Mart!

P.s. You don't need Antivirus software if you periodically back up your system.
well I think I'm going to try the free version of avg and use it with my wireless router firewall, and if avg sucks then I can always switch to avast! home
after a while if your running xp pro sp2 or home sp2 and dont upgrade to sp3 you dont need a virus program anymore really. i havent had any virus's or spyware on my computer yet! ive been running it for years now and whenever i do install any program and scan i find nothing. but when i scan vista systems well theres alot. old xp viruses are dieing out much like the older 98 and 2000 ones did. as soon as a new os is released not many virus makers id say dont really care about them and all start writeing for the newest os on the market rather than the old ones.
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