Iron Man Helmets - Mark 3 and Mark 42

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    for a bastard child of foam and bondo, this is really turning out quite awesome. perhaps i missed it skimming through the thread, but do you plan on completing the full set?
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    nice work man!!

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    Dang dude, that's amazing! Far better than my iron man helmet.
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    I hope it will!

    Thank you!

    We have no plans for the entire suit. That would just be too much for us....


    It just takes patience! If it doesn't look up to par, just start over again. It may be tedious, but you will get the best results when you've had plenty of practice.

    Not a whole lot (since I don't have the self discipline to keep working on this!), but more work on the jaw:

    Front looking pretty nice!

    The groove came out pretty well, but notice the rough section. The entire cardboard for that side peeled away, so It had to filled in with Bondo. Just needs more sanding!

    Waiting to be sanded:

    Anyone have any tips for adding on the groove on the chin?
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    Its late so may be missing something but what exactly do you want to do to the chin? Sure I got a way that can help, just not sure what it is you want to do haha! Like I said, very late :p
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    There is just a small groove on the chin, and I was wondering a way to get it in there. A member over at the RPF already suggested using a small nail file, so I'll try that! As of now the jaw is about 85% complete:


    Applying more filler:



    Still some minor filling and sanding needed on the curve, but it's looking pretty good:

  7. rafinger

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    This is definitely a slow build. Some very minor (but very tedious) work was done. Foam is not the best choice when using Bondo. A lot of holes and chips were found, but were filled. There was a section of the middle rear where the resin did not fully cover the fiberglass matte, so that section was essentially just resin soaked paper. That was peeled away and filled in. It is looking good, but lots of little work!



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    holy cow.... this is too awesome for me... I VOTE ELITE!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks so much!

    Not a whole lot has happened really, but we are still pushing through!

    Quick Iron Patriot helmet that was made for the midnight premier:


    Only a few small holes in this side. Still missing the cheek and the ear, but it's almost there:


    The back is looking a little bit ugly! Just need to take lots of time with a file to get that looking nice!


    This side is looking bad, but still better than it was before. Just like on the left side, there are holes that came about in the paper where the resin didn't seep into all the way and the edge of the foam, but those all will be fixed.


    So the first actual good cast for the faceplate was done! It came out rather thin, so I just added some fiberglass and did another layer, and now it's super sturdy! I'm also really happy with how clean the eye holes turned out. Some more filling was done on the side due to the fact that Bondo hates EVA foam, the whole layer pretty much peeled off. I had the rest of it grinded away and added some more filler!


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    Re: Iron Man Helmet

    Is three and a half years too long to go without updating? Well this helmet was finished up about two years ago, but after a failed molding we kind of pushed it to the side. So Below is the rest of the build for this helmet, and also a start of the Mark 42/43 helmet!

    Bonding the faceplate to the rest of the bucket.

    Since the master was made out of foam, there was some warping that occurred on the cheek corner of the faceplate.

    Fast-forward 6 months and here's the helmet today.

    Reconstructive-Surgery going quite well.

    All the ugly holes and mass amounts of body filler depicted in previous posts have been taken care of.

    3D Printed Ear with layer of primer and glazing putty. (Other one and MK 42 Handplate drying in background) IMG_1478_zpsa42a194c.jpg

    Sanded down and another layer of primer. Still an imperfection on the indent though. IMG_1484_zpsc3069d5a.jpg

    Can't even notice this part of the faceplate was entirely gone at one point. Also filled in the forehead piece, which leaves only a little cleanup work and then just to cut the groove out of the wall of the recession.

    Gotta love that glazing putty

    Sanded down

    Ready to be filed and have the ears added



    Drilled in holes for screws

    All I did was superglue a small washer onto the head of a screw. Worked out great!



    Ears attached

    So that's it for the Mark 3 build!

    At this point, the rest of the thread will be for the Mark 42 Helmet. I'm trying something new with this build, where I'm documenting all of it with videos instead of pictures!

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    Nice work on the helmet!

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