Is anyone at school for Game Programming/Design?


I'm doing some research online of what schools are best (And reasonably priced) and really am not able to make heads or tails from a lot of what I'm seeing... Is anyone here going to college for this that can make a recommendation?

King Ramna

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i am going to school for programming. I wish i didnt transfer to a school closer to home becuase the classes i am taking at my community college seem like a waste of time. I had a really good teacher at my old school. I would recommend you meet the faculty of the school you are interested and also ask some current students what they think of the curriculum and teaching. The school I would recommend is Mckendree University in Lebanon Illinois. But it is a private school so it is expensive. But the setup there makes it so easy to learn. The PHD who teaches stay with you late in the Lab to make sure you understand. I wish I had devoted teachers like that here. Good luck!


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Well i know some Belgian but i bet you don't want those hehe.

I got VFS in Canada Vancouver. One of the best 3d schools in the world. But you gotta be quick and they don't accept everybody. I already got permission to go. Now to finnish my other courses here in belgium and i'm gone!
Blenderhead here. I don't know about any specific schools, but for $72, you can get an absolutely amazing training series at It isn't a school, but if you want to learn how to model, texture, animate, etc., it is the absolute best deal you will ever come across. I seriously recommend it if that is the field in which you are interested.


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Rundown! I live in Vancouver! I hope you know that Pixar just opened a studio here, you might want to look at interning or whatever with them. PM me if you have any questions about the city, or want to meet somebody when you come here. I'm a big fan of your work, and would love to see how its done :)

Though I'm not planning on getting into the industry, I can vouch for the fact that Vancouver is a great City to live and learn in. We have several major game companies with studios in the city (EA, Nintendo, Rascal) and a multitude of small ones. Its also close to Bioware in Edmonton, and Bungie in Seattle. The weathers usually decent, and the city is clean and close to nature, I would recommend it to anyone.