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Hey dude's and dudette's of the 405th so this thread is about all the goofy, weird, or out right funny things you have done when wearing armor wether in was at a con, midnight launch, or just roaming around for fun. So let us know what you have done when you had a helmet on :D


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When I was 13, I went in my reach suit to the release of Halo 4. I went with my 20-year-old cousin (also in armour), and expected to have to have him buy it for me and then pay him back later. However, the cashier thought I was old enough to buy an M game because I was wearing a helmet. So I got it without having to have an adult with me. Lol


On Halloween night this year, my boys and I were out trick-or-treating. My favorite part of the whole night was at the busiest house we went to all night (we go to it every year...I made the lady's costume ^^) A decent group was convened around me (I had my helmet on, of course) and they started asking me questions about the suit, to which I answered. The guy asking backed up a bit, shook his head, and asked me, "Wait...are you a girl?" I about came unglued, and I could hear my son snickering. It was pretty entertaining to take off the helmet and have the guy turn and tell his buddies, "Hey, it's a chick!" Good times.

I took this snippet out of my build thread, so if you heard my silly story there I'm sorry for the repetition. Minor shenanigans I guess, but it was pretty funny to us so I thought I'd share here. ^^;


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last year at the Chicago comic and entertainment expo, i wore my armor around all day expecting to meet up with one or more other spartans (as i had seen a couple the day before) but i couldn't find them. nearing the end of the day and about 30 minutes before the floor closed i was at one end of one of the main walk ways and saw another spartan all the way at the other end. and then he saw me, and we sprinted all out towards each other when we meet we gave each other a gigantic hug. (turns out he had been looking for me all day as well, after hearing of another great spartan costume) and of course the sight of two 6'5" fully armored robots hurtling at each other doesn't go unnoticed, especially when they hug each other when they meet. and about 2 minutes later one of the other members here on the 405th finally showed up and then the three of us stood for pictures until the floor closed. ya so glad i had my helmet on.


So since Wonder Con just pass I'm just wondering if anyone did anything funny in armor at the Con or any where else for that matter, if you have a funny story of when you were in armor or you were glad you were wearing a helmet feel free to share it in this thread


And I came for the birthday of my brother in this helmet last year.


I think this is a fantastic idea for a thread, and no one has complained about necro-posting yet so... I've definitely got some things to share.

I've got a story, but first, here's pictures of some of the sillier things I've done in armor:



(Quite possibly my very favorite family photo)



Bonus Image: Alan Tudyk (Wash from Firefly) photobombed us.

Now, my story:
Sadly, I didn't get a picture or video from this story, but at my husband's college, they had a "comic con" costume night at a basketball game. It had a costume contest, so naturally, I had to go wearing my armor to see if I could win anything. During half time, they drew a name from a hat to give that person a chance to win free tacos from a local taco place by shooting a basket. I had entered this contest too, because why not? And as fate would have it, they drew my name.

As I clunked onto the empty court with the whole school watching, I was glad I played basketball in highschool for two years. Unfortunately for me, fiberglass armor is not good for the range of motion needed to shoot a basket. Before I even had time to get situated, the timer began counting down from 30 seconds, and they passed me the ball. I took a shot and missed. I felt my forearm and bicep pieces make contact and restrict my movement. However, I did have one ace up my sleeve: I've had my suit of armor for 7 years; I know exactly how to move and shift my armor to remedy loss of movement. I adjusted my arm, took aim, and shot again. I made the hoop. The crowd loved it. With the remaining time on the clock I attempted another shot but missed. I didn't care. I made a freaking basketball hoop in armor and- more importantly- I won free tacos!
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I have a true epic in which myself and a friendly neighborhood Spider man took on two inflatable dinosaurs with nothing but our bare hands! I saw in the distance the lone Spiderman taking on these two giant beats (with some pretty dope back-flips might I add) and I rushed in to assist, tackling the mid section of this dinos body taking him by surprise. His friend was displeased and began beating my backside with its boxer-glove hands attempting to get me out of my tackle hug. To make things short, one dino turned out betraying its brother in which I became the intermediate and had to separate the two from destroying each other, eventually subsiding the whole ordeal.


Ok so i was doing this kids event at the local park and this small like 5 year old kid dressed as Ella from frozen comes up to me and freezes me. The mum asks nicely to take a pic and it feels like im frozen as she takes forever to find the camera icon focus and take the pic. I mean i swear a bead sweat made it from my head to my toe.
She kept saying " just one second"
Felt like an hour
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