Its Done, W00t Love this site

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Finished just a few Hours ago to hit the halloween marker, Boot's arn't on though but I'm happy with it :lol:

What do you guys think?
Yes is it resin coated but not fiberglassed it didnt need it with 3 coats of resin =P but for black outline its just black paint and perminant marker. and as for the underarmor it's a black bodysuit I had some one sew for me I think its made from jerseynit with some cotton shoved it the stitching to make it look "poofy" Ty for the comments and It is a Spartan :cautious:
It is basically my Character on Halo 3 search players on same name as I post with.
awesome man (I hate you he did it before me, cry in a corner) :cry:
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i never would expect the marker and paint make the detail look quite convincing...Good work my friend, problably one of the first CQB helmets done on this website.
Really nice detailing on the armor and the under armor its really good as well.n How long did it all take you?
I started working on it October 6 when I registered with the site, and put about 6 hours in during the week and sometimes longer on the weekends. Under armor was just a sewn body suit made from jersey nit with cotton shoved into the stitching to give it detail. Thanks for all the comments :)
I'm stealing your idea :D What you did with the marker was amazing. When I first looked at it I though it was fiberglassed/resined/glazed/painted and everything. It looks incredibly well done for how simple it is.
Ty guys, Yeah I'm happy how the mark/paint detail helps it out close up it looks decent too. I may eventually get more pics up.
Fantastic job on that, Meric! Nice work! Really makes me want to get so much more of my own armour done, and soon... :)
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