Jackal Costume Complete

Which covenant should I build next?

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WOW I hafe to say I had my doubts when I first saw your project but I was wrong and congrats. I hope you are going to the person around here who takes on the hard and strange builds and I look forward to your next build.

You had your doubts? haha. That's interesting. :)

Well, I think it's safe to say I've proved myself. Let's hope my next project turns out great as well. Thanks :)


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OMG!!! I have been waiting to see this finished and it looks REALLY SWEET! I really like how you designed the shield. The webbing you added to it gives it a really nice touch. What exactly did you use for that?

Now you need to have some video of doing the "chicken dance" dressed like that! XD LMAO

As for what do to next................I would say either the Honor Guard Elite or the Prophet of Truth. If you did the prophet, you could get one of those little scooter chairs that you see elderly people use and modify it to look like his floating chair! XD LMAO That would be so epic! BWAHAHAHAHAAA


Haha, that would rock! I'm actually still trying to figure out how I would give the illusion of floating. But that will have to wait for me to finish my hunter first.

The webbing? I'm assuming you mean the blue polygons all over the shield, right? I just took my ink pen and dipped it into a little bit of purple and a little bit of iridescent blue/indigo ink and drew them on.


dude that thing is awesome! cant wait to see the hunter! hows the progress?

Progress is agonizingly slow, unfortunately. I'm waiting on my dad to build the stilts, and last I talked to him, he was in the planning stages... -_-

And I really can't start until I have those stilts. I'm working literally from the ground up, and that's how I plan to scale everything. For now in my free time when I am not teaching I am trying to do other creative things at the moment to stifle my creative upset over not being able to devote time to this thing.