Jeff's ODST build log

It’s done! The upper body of the ODST is complete! You may not immediately notice a lot of changes since the last update other than the straps are now in place. However I did an all over wash with Burnt Umber, shaded all of the recesses with a Mars Black wash, did a final highlight with Warm Grey, touched up the decals a bit, and finished with a couple coats of clear enamel. Moving onto the waist pieces next.
BA7A81AE-8A1D-4741-AE79-0718C1D68102.jpeg E31CEBB6-9FE3-43C2-8298-DCA70FDF4A40.jpeg C503F9CC-6FBD-4A6B-956A-9CA893EADDC2.jpeg A7554E7C-3D3D-4285-82CB-0EAB66DE1646.jpeg
Finished most of the waist armor for the ODST. Made the belt from nylon strapping and sewed Velcro sections to attach the armor pieces. Also sewed on Velcro patches on the shoulder of the under suit to attach the shoulder armor. This is a first look at the under suit. I decided to go with digital desert ACU so I can still wear the costume without leg armor. I may eventually get a black under suit once I complete all of the armor.
4C12F29F-CD04-4786-BAE2-03679DB09550.jpeg F8F3FDF7-DCA5-4920-A7C9-94264D1A9C4A.jpeg


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The worst part about 3D prints...sanding! On top of that my sander broke (why Black & Decker thought these little plastic pegs would hold up to continuous vibration...oh never mind). Now I’m having to use Muscle Power 3000!
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Good thing about those sanders are that they have a lifetime warranty so if you bring back all the pieces in a box you can get a new one!

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