Jeff's ODST build log

While finishing the forearm cutouts (I had cut these out so I could get my hands through as the wrist opening is too small - they just twist on/off now) I decided to add some final details. I created the chevron decal first to see how it would look. Only then did I decide to take a before shot. I then just free-handed cutting 2mm foam for the metal frame and latches. I think these add that little extra something the forearms were missing.
24AE6B07-6C6E-4652-92A1-3343236EBC14.jpeg B4131183-5F9C-4101-8969-4D5AD9775086.jpeg 79FCE4E3-A6E0-492C-8534-521D690CCEB8.jpeg B7AA7A64-E3F8-4BC5-A2E0-32563E4EEAE9.jpeg 2AF7A679-3ABC-4839-8ADF-058021DD8ECD.jpeg 7A4A853B-4D07-41BF-9631-949B8D4BECD5.jpeg 16AC7977-08DE-4230-BCC4-749D16674A39.jpeg


With the ODST almost complete I had to see how it looked put together. I dressed my doppelgänger mannequin so I could get a good look all around. There are a couple areas I need make some minor adjustments, but overall we’re good. Now just waiting on my bucket to arrive from @costumedork and it will be complete.
Holy crap mate! That looks absolutely awesome! I love the amount of detailing you put on the armor pieces to make it look worn. Do you plan on distressing the under suit to help it match the armor's wear and tear?
Work is still progressing on the ODST helmet. I took my time cutting out the visor and the neck. Also the resin was thin in a few of the detail areas (ie you could shine a light through it) so I had to reinforce those spots. I then wet sanded everything, including the mold line. I hit a couple of air pockets that had to be fixed. I then primed the helmet. However I could still see some of the mold line after priming so I wet sanded the entire thing and primed again. I then applied the first coat on khaki. This first coat just didn’t go on right, so wet sanding again. A few more coats of khaki and a final wet sanding and we are ready for details.
The package has arrived! Today I received my Xbox Series X that I won in the Taco Bell promotion. I’m still in shock that I actually won this. Anyway, I couldn’t think of a better unboxing then by wearing my ODST costume (please forgive my acting skills lol). This is amazing! Thanks to @tacobell and @xbox for powering our dreams!
5BAE5A08-75AA-429B-8082-948D8AD1915C.jpeg 3FA360E4-FA9E-464C-A2F0-9CC84C2BB9CA.jpeg 9A9118D0-D17C-4F87-8EF4-6EAF37C94492.jpeg

You can find video of the unboxing on my Instagram and Facebook pages

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