Join Regiment Requests and Deployment Pre-Check


405th Regiment Officer
Hey there, Benton188 the Colonial RMO here. This thread is dedicated to two things to help members along with the deployment process:

First, if you or another member you know meet the requirements (50 posts and 90 days) to join the Colonial Regiment, please make a post in here or send me a direct message so I can get you added to the Regiment. If you need help reaching 50 posts and need ideas, also feel free to contact me.

Second, If you have a costume you are getting ready to send through the deployment process, please message here or send me a direct message first. We can go over your costume together to see if everything is correct to both the way you see it and the way the reviewers will see it. We have many experienced and deployed members here who can help. If you're curious about the deployment process, you can check out this thread here: Deployment FAQ

A common occurrence the deployment reviewers run into is improper pictures to help them see the full costume. I've included a few pictures of what kind of pictures they are looking for. If you can, always try and get them taken on a solid neutral color backdrop to help.

Now, get out there and make some awesome costumes everyone!