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    Hi everyone!

    If you live in Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, or Alaska and love Halo cosplay we'd love to have you join our group! To apply, please follow the steps below:

    • Fill out our membership form. This form is separate from the division form and contains requests for more detailed contact information so that we can reach out to you for local events.
      Membership Signup Form

      Our membership officer will submit your name to get your forum permissions updated. This process may take a while, so please bear with us. Ultimately, our focus is more on connecting fans locally, so please do not feel that because you lack forum permissions you aren't part of the regiment.
    • While waiting for your forum permissions to get updated, join us on Facebook! We have a FB group used for private discussions, and it is typically more active than our regimental forums.

    Please be sure to check your inbox for a message from the Pacific Regiment membership officer to expedite getting added to the group.

    • Our membership officer will help place you in touch with our interim battalion (i.e. state/local) leaders. At the Pacific Regiment we are strongly focused on local events and connections as we feel it helps us grow as a community, find mentor and learning opportunities, and allows us to be more involved in the Halo nation.

    If you would prefer not to be associated with a local battalion, please let the membership officer know.

    • If you run in to any issues, send an e-mail to . We have several admins with access to that e-mail address, so inquiring there will result in quicker responses than contacting individual members through the forum PM system.

    405th membership requirements are still being developed at this time and these steps are subject to revision.

    Hawaii and Alaska are still being developed. If you are interested in helping organize and form 405th units in those areas, please reach out to us at

    Last updated: November 21, 2015
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