Kamen Rider Cosplay


Sweet I m trying to rip some other's I did get some Kamen rider birth pdos. As im search for some more riders for you guys

Dr Smash

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I've started work on the TATOBA PUTOTYRANO and an unknown OOO
Files thanks to Huesos
Let's see there's 7 main combos for OOO's(assuming you count the one from the movie) so...oh forget it I hate playing guessing games, but regardless I look forward to finding out what this unknown one you're working on is.

ArcGunner 91

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Hey, i've gotten some awesome help from BioDelta before, But I only recently found this thread, WHICH HAS PRODUCED SOME WICKED AWESOME PEP FILES!!!!!! You guys said that you got these files by ripping the models from Kamen rider climax heroes. Any chance you can rip the 555 models?

Zero Prime

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Hey sorry for the delay school and my friend moving in with me and my mom have delayed the progress of unfolding I will have it up soon though