Kamen Rider Cosplay

Dr Smash

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Hey, i've gotten some awesome help from BioDelta before, But I only recently found this thread, WHICH HAS PRODUCED SOME WICKED AWESOME PEP FILES!!!!!! You guys said that you got these files by ripping the models from Kamen rider climax heroes. Any chance you can rip the 555 models?
I know in a different thread the Faiz rips were available, but I think the link is dead. I could be wrong though.

ArcGunner 91

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SO, has anybody got any new files? Or maybe they've started work on some of they're own Birth/OOO/Fourze helmets. Hopefully by teh end of teh week i'll be done pepping Birth's helmet


Ok guys I know this is most likely cant happen for a while. But can some one rip some 3d's for kamen rider metor????


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Huge Rider fan here. Actually was hoping to find someone on this site who would do a custom job for me for a project I am working on. I have PMed a couple guys who have noted doing commissions to no avail The project is a toku inspired web series. I am shooting a short pilot ep as a submission in the Your Film Festival contest (yourfilmfestival) I have a guy working on the suit design I just need someone ot model it so it can be turned out in its pep glory and I can begin building it as I am on a time crunch.