Kid Gets Xbox 360, Loses His Mind

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my little cousin is like 9 and i have to tell you he is annoying on live but thats to piss people off. he is amazing at modernwarfare2 and talks all kinds of trash and to bet it all his clan name is


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Sisko4 said:
I don´t understand how someone can turn insane ´cause of a Console like that...

And now we got a Kiddie more in MW2 and H3....

Replace it with a Wii, the Kid is too young for a XB360...does even exists Games for Kids on this Console???

I´ve thought the XB360 is a Console for mature Players who are playing serious and not talking worse Things over the Voice-Chat...

"Looket mi, i haz XB360 and iam the ubberleetKillaaaaa ya n00bs!"

"Oh wait, my Mommy wants to change my Pants, back in a few Minutes then iam gonna kill ya oll!!"

I think we all experienced many Thing like that...i unerstand that they wonna have Fun, got not Problem with that, but then with Games for theyr mental Age...

True, parents should really be careful buying games of mature content for kids of this age.
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Brandon McClain said:
Okay, so its not a christmas vid, but has anyone seen the kid who freaks out when he loses his WoW account? check it out Wow Freak Out

Nobody has ever seen that video.
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