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Knife making continues.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by Sandbagger, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Back into it 2017!

  2. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Great work SB! You are really pushing them out and there should be more blades by Baz out there!

    I've been meaning to do an off topic thread about other crafts people make. I'm glad you finally posted about yours.
  3. MasterSensei


    Mate, if your making that many knives, I would consider selling them. Could make a nice bit of dough.
  4. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    I sold a few before Christmas. Funded some mor gear for the Iron Man suit and paid for a trip down the coast.
  5. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate. My pleasure.

  6. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    13 cut out, profiled, tangs tapered length and width. Started grinding one and stamped before daddy duty calls. A productive afternoon.

  7. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    First knife for 2017 complete. High carbon blade, brass and G10 fittings, brass-fill highlights in the natural wood faults. Tea-tree burl handle.


  8. mkshane81


    Beautiful pieces or work! The detail work on the handle is stunning! :)

  9. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Thanks Matt.
  10. StayFrosty


    Those are some really nice looking knives! Do you plan on ever doing halo combat knives in metal?
  11. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Improvise adapt and overcome.

    While sharpening the two blades at our monthly knife meet last night... oh noes! - CRACK!!! Right in the middle of the edge. There must have been a stress in the blade that was just waiting for enough steel to be removed to give in. After good advice from Karim of Tharwa Valley Forge, I ground the blade down a good quarter inch from the edge until the crack was gone. Re-ground bevels both sides and re-polished. A few of the knife makers said they actually liked the revised shape.



    This magnificent little piece of burl had some cracks and rot, but after scraping out every little bit with a sharp point, I was left with exquisite contrasts of brown and black with gold accents. The fault across the middle snapped while drilling it out so I got arty with resin and brass fill. Saved it.



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  12. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate. Not on the radar, no.
  13. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member




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  14. mkshane81



  15. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    ^^^ Thanks Matt.

    Just finished three more.





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  16. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Spent my weekend on these two.

    Hunter - five and a half inch blade. Black butt handle. Brass highlights.

    General Purpose knife - (GP) /personal carry knife. Hammered finish spine and ricasso. Ancient eucalypt/box handle. 3,1/4 inch blade.


  17. Dirtdives


    I think it is time for you to try out for "Forged in Fire". It's on the History Chanel. W/ your work, you could be a contender.......10k in cash would help the Ironman suit...don't you think?
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  18. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Should be on tonight.(y) My wife hates Tuesday's because if it
  19. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member


    Except the suit is finished.

    Moving on with the next project.....
  20. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    And another finished today. No idea what the wood is....but it's pretty.

  21. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    A few pouches. Leather work is not something I really like, but I can't send razor sharp knives to people without something to protect them.


    Changing/evolving my style a bit more. Going for five and a half inch hunters now. Liking this.


    Four hunters.



    Found a couple of chunks of very old wood in a creek bed. This is how it turns out semi polished. The chunk on the ground is a diamond in the rough.


    Bottom of a dead Banksia. Problem is, I don't know how long it's been dead for. Sanded and oiled a block to leave in the shed a few weeks and see if it warps or splits. Very pretty grain pattern. Might be good to stabilise.

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  22. mkshane81


  23. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    More blades to help with the next big project. I've already started it, but I'll reveal a bit later when I've got something to show. In the meantime, these little babies have been helping me to get materials.

    The latest four I spent my entire weekend making. The short one is one of the last short ones I'll be making.

    1075 carbon steel blade. Brass guard. Brass and G10 spacers. Brass highlights in natural features. Eucalyptus handle. 5,1/2 inch blade.


    1075 carbon steel blade. Brass guard. Brass and G10 spacers. Brass highlights in natural features. Ancient blackbut stump handle. 5,1/2 inch blade.


    1075 carbon steel blade. Brass guard. Brass and G10 spacers. Brass highlights in natural features. Very old creek driftwood handle. 5,1/2 inch blade.


    1075 carbon steel blade. Brass guard. Brass and G10 spacers. Ancient Eucalyptus handle. 3,1/4 inch blade.

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  24. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Just finished. Skinning knife. High carbon steel. Australian hardwoods, furnished with brass and G-10. Now available. Proceeds from this one go to the Viper project.


    Two more done. I'm going to experiment with a mustard patina on one blade. The bottom one is blackbutt stump from West Aus. I need to fill the natural features with resin. The top one is ironwood.

  25. mkshane81


    Beautiful work Barry, absolutely amazing


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