Lastspartan's Mk-vi Helmet

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Fiberglass stage is done. Successfuly ^^

Just tested my mouse sander and some bondo on the helmet and I added a quick Primer layer.

That is looking quite nice.
Also, I actually liked the battle damage.
Not sure what could have caused it canon-wise, tho.
Seriously tho, looking real nice.
Holy bejezuz that looks nice!

BTW, I think you should give it some black primer. It reveals alot more of what you have to slap bondo on.
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Canadian Tire?!? HIGH FIVE...oh wait its just a rip off of walmart with higher prices and a pretty maple leaf on the side...anyway very nice helmet...I like it
LastSpartan said:
... Everything is hand-sanded. Wet sanding ftw...
Just wait until you've wet sanded so much that you totally remove your fingerprints and your hands are all pruney and creepy looking, then you wont like it so much :p
It really does work well though and your helmet is looking good :)
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Thanks both of you ^^

Means a lot for me.

I know that the pictures are crappy, and don't really give justice of the smoothness/details. I'll try to get you guys better pics with the sun.
hey buddy , keep up the good work , remember ''wet sanding is your friend'' ;) , cant wait to see the finished product
Thanks buddy ^^

It's takes more time to sand, but it's incredibly more smooth, so you need less bondo. I love it :)

I'm sleeping with my Bondo can nao! :cautious:
LastSpartan said:
Thanks buddy ^^

It's takes more time to sand, but it's incredibly more smooth, so you need less bondo. I love it :)
I'm sleeping with my Bondo can nao! :cautious:
I read through the whole thread and just wanted to say (for what its worth from a noob) NICE!! (y) I want one!!

My armour is on hold :cry: til I get all the stuff. Gonna continue doing test versions of pepakura though!
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yo, im sorta new, well i made an account a while ago but im barely using it now, and i can't make any new forum topic.
Iwanna start a topic cuz me and my brother are starting to make armor to use at Halloween. I'm making a spartan

Mjolner mark VI, and my brothers gonna be a H3 marine. so can somone help me. :mad:
You can post Here. Ask questions after reading the stickies here and here, not before. The search button is your friend, especially now that Adam fixed it. Welcome back to the 405th, and I hope your armour turns out well. Oh, and don't hijack other people's threads, the Mods don't like it.
Why havent I commented on this yet? o_O Looking good Lastspartan! Cant wait to see it finished! I hope mine turns out as good as yours! :)
@SparTom007 : Thanks ;)

The project is not really advancing this week because I have driving lessons and everything so no time.

@helios Sorry, I had misread your post. I deleted mine.

@Darke : Wooops :) Deleted my post ^^

@Smilie120 : I'm sure it will be even better ;)
New pics

Right jaw almost done with the shape. Have to smooth it up.

Same for the right top

The left jaw with a quick black coat.
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