Props "legendary" combat knife

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Here are the pictures I promised in my introduction thread.

I made a vector tracing of the knife in Inkscape, printed it out 15'' long, and traced it onto some scraps of 1-by-something wood siding.


Blanks. Cut out with a handheld jigsaw.


Shaped. We made the blade thinner by (very carefully) running it part way through a table saw.


Closeup of handle. These took forever to sand down.


Flickr photos

I plan to get 1/4'' sheet metal for the blade, but I'm not quite sure what to do for the handle. Any recommendations for materials would be greatly appreciated, especially the rubber for the grip.

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Nice job bro! I really like it.

Are you going to make a shield and paint it all?

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make the covenant skull then you can hang it up on ur wall and have some awesome captions below like, "you haven't been through hell. I have.."
You could make a cast of the handles there, then spray rubberizer on it...

Hmm...let me think a sec...
I'd recommend casting the handle with black plastic.

Make a rubber mold of it. Cast it in a dyed resin.. then insert the metal blade.

That'd be about as real as you can get with this...
That's pretty sweet.

If you start fabbing them, I'd be interested in negotiating with you for one to add a finishing touch to my ODST armor.
if you look at the above avatar for the handles you can keep them wood and just use electric tape all around to make the banding then paint the bottom of the handles grey. you can cut the wood knives off and use something to put a slit in so you can just put super glue in the slit and shove the metal knife in there.
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