Props TRON’s Combat Knife Speedrun


In three weeks time, I will be attending HCS in Salt Lake City with a few of the cool people here in the 405th. My chest armor rebuild is underway and is set to be done ahead of this convention. However, lately I’ve thought to myself, “What if I made things more complicated than they need to be?” Therefore, I’ve decided to try to crank out a combat knife to slap on the chest armor as well.

Join me on this impulsive journey in creating this fun last minute prop (because we all know that MG Turret isn’t about to be finished in 3 weeks)
To begin, I compiled in-game screenshots and images from across the web to combine and create an outline. The next step is to scale the tracing to size and print it on heavyweight card stock.


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My original plan was to make the knife full scale, as I did with the MG turret. However, according to the wiki, the true scale of the sheathed combat knife is essentially 1.5 feet, and I’m not about to walk around with that sticking off my armor.

Therefore, instead, I took a few in-game screenshots of my Reach spartan and scaled it down to my size, which ends up being 11.5 inches.

I then printed this template, cut it out, traced it onto insulation foam, and cut a rough shape out of the foam.


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