Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!! 52 DAYS LEFT

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Jurassic, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Jurassic


    I'll post a picture of what I have for the chest in depth, but for the extra details parts of the camera I am doing in a wood dowel most likely. The left camera is just going to be rondo'd and placed to dry into place. I put the weird square thing in there while it was drying so it wouldn't warp but that actually seems to have cured itself and nothing needs to be done but paint.
  2. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    You got this girl! DON'T GIVE UP!
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  3. Chernobyl


    I meant more in the fact that the actual geometry of the camera mounts is pretty poor and intersects the booster pods in the back - I can't seem to get a satisfactory resolution to the issue myself, and I wondered if you'd come upon a solution yourselves that would allow you to seamlessly fabricate the camera mounts onto the torso itself. Picture's related - I tried a simple Boolean operation but I'm getting no joy from it, so I'm considering scratch-modelling the unit itself.

    As for warping: my plan has been to fabricate a support strut in the back, and otherwise construct the file as one single, solid piece with bracer pieces (likely lengths of dowel and popsicle sticks) to ensure the file won't warp and distort when it's being hardened up. The idea is that the support strut can be temporarily fixed in place using paper clips (much in the same way as Hugh Holder's ODST helmet file is built) and then removed later, especially if there's some form of 'barrier' preventing the support from being resin-glued to the main torso structure (cling-film, I'm thinking). I'm probably over-engineering the solution, but I'd rather make one single pass on this rather than futz it up and have to re-do something down along the line - and that means getting it right first time. The modular design of my own model prep means that if one piece goes awry I can reconstruct that as opposed to the entire model over again, but I'd rather not have to if I can help it, and unfortunately that means gleaning as much information as I can from people such as yourself who have gone ahead and constructed the piece. Plus, it means that the final model I end up releasing will be in a fit state for users to construct without too many issues.

    Anyways, your work looks very good so far. I'd like to pick apart your modelling work further at some point and perhaps see what you did for the forearms and shins, but I'll keep it at this for now and keep watching from the shadows. Good luck moving forward!

    [/lurk mode]

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  4. CommanderPalmer


    How is your progress?
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  5. Jurassic


    Thanks for checking in! I'm currently making new files for the thighs and something extra since 3 days of spartan armor is hard.

    At least have a pic of the magnum pre-weathered and my pile of stuff from before last weekend :p.

    IMG_20160803_235528.jpg IMG_20160804_000224.jpg IMG_20160804_000236.jpg

    It's a mess, we're still moving in haha. The helmet in the background is almost done but I don't have any pics of it recently. I'm taking a break from sanding since I am sick.

    Anyways just working on a different thigh file and I'm going to do detail work in the male chest piece I have already, also this;
    Lena related, not Linda ;).
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  6. Jurassic


    Alright guys, it's been a while but I thought I should update you on where things are at. My friend who's doing Fred is helping me finish up the helmets bondo for christmas? I've scrapped all the pieces, and made a new thigh file which I hope works this time. I'd appreciate any pointers you guys may have when it comes to custom sizing something since I am 5'3 with weird short legs haha.

    Also I have no time constraint this time, so I won't let it warp like this did if you can tell:lol.
  7. ThomasS316

    ThomasS316 New Member

    Looks awesome. Cant wait to see the completed suit.
  8. StayFrosty


    I second this. When you finish, I think you'll be the first Linda around!
  9. Chernobyl


    Oh! This is still alive! Awesome! I'm glad to see you're still keeping up with things - I'm going to be transferring my work to a 3D printer, but I'm still very impressed with your work!
  10. Harri51


    Looks totally sick! amazing work really is
  11. Jurassic


    Yes, I am still here! I felt really guitly about not updating the thread, but I didnt feel like I had anything worth posting for the last months. Plus I got obsessed with Overwatch (I didn't buy it untill after Con because I knew this would happen.)
    I am also waiting on my friend to get a new 3D printer for some of the parts; I had saved up for one but my job is not providing me hours.

    That would be absolutely radical!

    I hope so haha... I've spent too much time on details in the modelling process that I haven't done enough on the finishing stages xD It's going to be the same for when I paint and do the weathering naturally. ( By actually falling over and stuff. Let's hope I don't break too much ahhaha)
  12. TwinMustang


    How have i not seen this thread? WOW is all I can say, keep up the good work. Subbed!
  13. StayFrosty


    You're going to have to be careful when you weather naturally. I would generally advise against natural weathering for the most part, but on a helmet it could go really bad. Bondo is semi-brittle once it hardens, and by dropping your parts, I feel like you could crack them badly, and possibly to the point where you can't fix it. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it, but just be careful when/if you do. After all, you don't want hours of work to go down the drain once you're already that far in the process.
  14. Jurassic


    I wouldn't be dropping the parts perse,but more scraping and bumping against people and things during use at cons. I'll be doing minimal weathering pre convention since in my experience every thing gets damaged any ways while wearing it. Be rest assured though i absolutely won't be breaking them, i would be mortified ...xD
  15. StayFrosty


    Whew! Good to know! I must've taken your post about the weathering the wrong way. Glad to here the armor isn't in danger.
  16. slombominoid

    slombominoid New Member

    Have you posted any of your models beside the chest and helmet? I'd love to have them. Keep up the great work!
  17. Jurassic


    I could post the thigh, arm and knee bits. The boots should already be up here somewhere. I'd have to dig them up since I haven't had any time to work on this and it's a new PC.
  18. slombominoid

    slombominoid New Member

    if you need help choosing the paint color, you could buy the Linda figure from Gamestop and have it color matched at Home Depot
  19. Jurassic


    I do have the figure, but it's way too small for the spectro. I'll probably just pickup the Dover white from work. ( I quit HD since I started the build)
  20. Jurassic


    Figured out that the paint I picked up last year is actually the right colour! Krylon satin river rock is perfect!

    Here's an update on what I'm doing currently;

    Styled some wigs, made some OW cosplay, Made a 3D printer. Now looking to convert all my Linda files into high res printed parts. Helmet and stuff may still stay pep since its done already... but I cannot resist the ease and accuracy of printing things....

    If ya'll have any recommendations on how to make those files my friend and I'd greatly appreciate it!!!!

    Here's a few things Iv'e worked on recently unrelated to linda. Imgur stoof

  21. nemesis2500 may be able to help. He converted most of the halo reach ones to high res. Don't know if he is looking to take on another project though.
  22. Jurassic


    Thanks! I'm just figuring out how to smooth the polys better. subD kinda works but its not exactly what's needed without remodeling.

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