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Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!! 52 DAYS LEFT

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Jurassic, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Chernobyl


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    Seconding this.

    CTRL+A, ALT+J, before you do any other work to your models. It'll save you a whole lot of problems later on down the line.
  2. Jurassic


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    I do have a fair amount converted to quads, my frustration lies in the meshes that I am cutting and melding together :p
  3. Chernobyl


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    Well, what are you having issues with? And, have I sent you my unfolded/edited torso file already? I've done a fair bit of work to the entire thing, it's the 'extra' bits (booster pods, shield pieces) that need some minor work.

    I'd be more than happy to Livestream or Skype screen-share some Blender time with you to help resolve some of these issues.
  4. Jurassic


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    Thank's Chernobyl! I am just cleaning up all the extra faces and the protruding faces so everything is one piece. Just not having a fun time/week since I am sick
    You haven't shown me your chest file yet, no. :O

    I simplified it more and cleaned a small portion since last pic. Slowly, Slowly.
  5. Chernobyl


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    Looking good. As regards to my torso file: I've designed it to be modular. The chest plate, the shoulder/back plates, the 'hump' and the booster pods are all separate files imported and collected as one file - you can use the 3D Menu > Show Object List function to individually highlight one particular segment of the file to work on, while hiding the rest.

    While this makes the file more simple to unfold and work from (you can orbit around a particular piece without having it obscured by other geometry), the true benefit of this method is that you can add or remove parts during the development without having to re-unfold the entire file. For instance - I could remove the booster pods from the file, re-work them in Blender, and then re-add them to the main Pepakura file while still keeping the main development scale and work. If you're interested in doing something like this yourself, here's a workflow:

    - Complete work in Blender
    - Export each piece of the file as a unique object (chest plate, back plate, booster pods... whatever you like)
    - Open each file in Pepakura, unfold and save as .PDO file
    - File > Import File (*PDO) to import each component
    - Use 3D Menu > Show Object List > Right-click component > Delete to remove pieces as needed.

    I've recently done some work to the booster pods and I've added the new development - you're welcome to the file, though the booster pods need unfolding. The file likewise doesn't contain the abdominal plating, shield components, camera parts or other smaller 'detail' work - the file was created mainly as a size-tester with the aim of adding other detail in later.

    Attached Files:

  6. IshidaRyusei


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    I have zero skill or clue regarding how to use blender.
  7. Chernobyl


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    Off-topic to this thread, I know, but - I'm willing to give you pointers if you need them. I self-taught myself.
  8. IshidaRyusei


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    I'll have to take you up on that. Thanks.
  9. Jurassic


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    Quick update; Made my mom try on the chest I was making, fit her perfectly. My shoulders are about 5 cm wider than hers. Short and thick of it gonna make a new one. Luckily thanks to Chernobyl, I don't even have to size a new one we're the same size, I'll use the file you graciously provided me to make a new chest peperonie base :p

  10. IshidaRyusei


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    Hopefully this one works out better :)
  11. Chernobyl


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    That's great. I'll probably be updating the file as I go with the other parts (ab plates, camera equipment, shields) - the file comes at the default scale common across all Halo 5 models, so you're free to import the file back into Blender and work on it as you choose. It may be a good idea for you to share your work in this thread for me to add to - perhaps together we'll be able to get a decent file that works.
  12. Jurassic


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    Victory pose guys, Third times the charm with chest armor. [ More like even if it's not perfect I'm using it anyways...] I ended up having to spend a few days making another new file this week out of the female mesh. Having that petite stature is really kicking my butt. Anyways here's a screen of all the pieces I have unfolded.


    As you can see I have every part as separate objects; and some of the unfolding inspired by Chernobyl's.
    Tomorrow I'll be working on the hump pack then working on unfolding thrusters.


    Yay!! Ready to be fixed in some areas then supported for glassing!


    So much better than the last two it is short enough and long enough/wide in the right areas now. The male chest stuck out a hand width on either side and this one hugs nicely =w=

    Also got some paint and runners for the boots since I wont have time to make booties for this con. Bye bye last weeks paycheck lol.
    IMG_20160516_182633.jpg IMG_20160516_183356.jpg IMG_20160516_184039.jpg
  13. Chernobyl


    Re: Linda-058 First FULL build. I'll do it in 143 days!!

    Not looking bad at all. I've been spending a little time on those booster pods and cleaning up the cameras, if you'd like the file once I'm done.
  14. Jurassic


    A lil tidbit from today.
    I'll make a real update when I get home, but have this uh thing :D.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2017
  15. Jurassic


    Hey crew! Sorry for the absence, It's been crazy busy getting the short end with irregular shifts, moving, and pepping... I figured you all would like to see hardened stuff that fits better than pep...
    ANYWAYS I have a dump of pep photos and stuff from my new toy.

    All pieces hardened as of 5/31/16. Wip pics under the cut with salty comments.
    IMG_20160604_185504.jpg IMG_20160619_231713.jpg IMG_20160619_231704.jpg First thing I do with silhouette cameo? Put my call sign on the gear locker.
    IMG_20160629_184749.jpg IMG_20160629_184819.jpg I made the left one simplier... and I had to turf it because it worked less than the original.

    THE THIGH IS TOO SMOL! I'm making it 6 cm longer, hopefully that will be perfect. MM that 110lb paper and cameo cutting = no lines or edge ids...
    IMG_20160629_184215.jpg IMG_20160629_184936.jpg Screenshot_2.png THAT FEEL WHEN RESIZING!:thumbsdown

    And finally le pièce de résistance, the first thing I ever tried to pep. Off topic so I'll just link the FB post HERE. :D I still wore it though gosh darn it. Didn't even know how to size or separate 3d parts...

    I'll do a big update again when the new garage is in order and pep is glassed.









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  16. Dirtdives


    Looks great so far. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!
  17. Jurassic


    Thanks, spartan. Sure is slow!

    I can't; but can still believe I am doing pep still. My sister broke a few pieces and I'm remaking those at least they were only bicep and tricep.

    Just finishing up the new shin peps to be glassed. Made them 6cm longer and they fit way better!


    I FIXED IT WITH SCOTCH TAPE! Surprisingly durable till I can put some fiberglass and rondo in there :3.
  18. KaulinD

    KaulinD New Member

    Wow, great thread,
    I just read through the whole thing and the build is really nice. I wish I had the patience to pep a whole suit. So I just do the peped helmet and foamed the rest

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  19. Jurassic


    Oh gee, glad to hear! It sure has been a pain having to go from raw asset -> fixed 3d model -> unfold -> pep. I weighed the pros and cons of foam to pep and found it would be best to do it this way. Preserving as much detail as I could, since over all the pieces are very easy to move around in.

    However I will make undersuit parts out of foam or silicons so they move with me!
  20. KaulinD

    KaulinD New Member

    Yeah, with my Venator build I had to do the same modifying to the raw assets, unfolding and blah blah blah. It gets very old very fast lol

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  21. Jurassic


    Ah,yes it is so old.... I want to be done with it already so I can finally make my recon set or hayabusa I've put off since h3 debuted lol

    EDIT; Tried to make some UNSC vinyls but it was too complicated like i suspected.
    Hey I do other things too besides pep guys...sometimes.....


    Now where to put the lighthouse?
  22. Jurassic


    Hey kids I thought I'd post an update before work. In the past 3 weeks I've been getting really.... really, badly timed hours so progress is way behind. I have a week at least to get EVERYTHING painted although I'm past my initial deadline for priming.

    Here's where I'm at, knees just need to be painted, the right forearm is nearly done, just need to sand shoes and some areas of helmet. I'm going to have to make a new chest piece after this con so that's going to be... roughly smoothed and painted that's it! My friend is doing hand, butt, and a calf piece for me. At least that's covered.

    I'll put a link to progress pic dump I have HERE.

    Now I need help choosing the paint colour


    IMG_20160726_125604.jpg IMG_20160726_125613.jpg

    My perfectionism is my downfall right now. (besides all the people quitting at work so i have to work more than my part-time hours ;-;)

    I'll be back from work at 8:30pst I'll post sanded things from tonight later :p
  23. CommanderPalmer



    I totally LOVE your build, especially at these later stages where you put a lot of work and time into smoothing everything.

    May I ask why redo the chest after the con?

    Also - wrong link.
  24. Jurassic


    OOPS!~ at least it wasn't a bad.... mis-link. just my bad game highlight. Fixed!

    I feel I put too much effort into smoothing, but also it's going to be an off white and things have to be relatively perfect for that.

    The chest I have to redo again because it warped pretty badly so it digs into my ribs, also my friend K said it's not wide enough for my shoulders.

    Thanks for the kind words, Mara. I was close to quitting yesterday >_>;;
  25. Chernobyl


    I'm working on a split-up for the torso that also includes some bracer points you'd be able to fabricate to prevent that from happening, if you'd like the file at some point. Also - I'm interested to see what you come up with for the torso camera add-ons, since I haven't been able to figure those out yet.

    Otherwise, good work!

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