Link...You've got some competition.

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I know, it SUCKS.

I didn't even use all the pieces, I got mad and just slapped together what I had. The top is lopsided, there's no trigger, and the details on the top and sides are missing. The scale is nice, though! I've fixed the hole near the trigger since these pics.

If you want the file, search the Pepakura homepage's gallery for Halo pistol.
Links got competition???

Ah... No. Blasphemy. :wowie:

Nice start, but I wouldn't say it's a Link just yet. Keep going on it though, it looks pretty good.
Leadingspartan said:
looks ok im glad some people are starting it now after some people said it was impossible.

:$ops: I was just going on what I heard from people who had tried...
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I don't think we're using the same file. Mine doesn't have a clip, just the extended part on the bottom. The hande and trigger guards are different too. Did yours have all the numbers, or did ou guess in some places?
The pistols are indeed different files. Mine did originaly have numbers but I removed them for both appearence and challange.
How are you folding your folds?
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