LOL cat watches Bruce Lee beat up Chuck Norris

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I love the middle where he finally fights back, then acts like a chicken and starts kicking the crap out of chuck norris.
Samson's strength was his hair, when it was cut, he was weak, when we was jailed and grew his beard back, he owned everyone by ripping the columns of a stadium apart...he died in his own attack.

Chuck norriss...forgeting and shaving like he used to...lost all his power and got beat,.
Only Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee's combined manliness could compel me to watch a fight scene that is 90% scene pans, 5% kitten (well, actually that adds to it) and 5% fight which happens in a very short period of time. And it was surprisingly entertaining!

Or for this era, Jason Statham and Gerard Butler.
Chuck Norris;s ghosty will always win, we'll be changing the jokes soon to say

"chucks norris's ghost can burns ants with a magnify night"
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