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Sean Anwalt

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Was down in the *furnace* room last night. AND THEN I FOUND THIS!

15438563373238272411848197785470.jpg 15438563825326874147471233567282.jpg

It's wonky and lopsided and the barrel hole is crooked and it's 3 years old, but MAN has it got potential!

Which is kind of too bad, I wanted an assault rifle, but we take what we can get in the SPARTAN Corp. The assault rifle will come later.


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Ah excellent, Fireteam Off the Rails badly needed some long range support options.

It’s you Westerners of the fireteam that need log range support all ya got is shotguns you goofs. Dirt and I at least have DMRs and I’ve got an ODST friend that lends me his sick 360 no scope machine.


lol, yeah but that's because we're the red team

red team anthem - Bing video

the glory of the red team has always been our dedication to honor, to duty, and to the after party where we bathe in the blood of our enemies. there's no better way than to get up close and personal so that they know it was YOU who defeated them! a sniper rifle is the blue way of dealing with problems, nothing comes close to running head first into a hail of fire, shouting at the top of your lungs allowing the fear to grip your enemy and give them just enough time to poop themselves from your glorious charge and what better weapon could a red ask for? because the best friend of any good red should only ever be the SHOTGUN ...... I said SHOTGUN ....... SHOTGUN DAMN IT!!!

to every beautiful red, from the not dadgum blues, Sarge
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