Los Angeles, California: PacSun / Microsoft Armored Photoshoot (1st Weekend of October)

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Hey Pacific, I have a short notice request for any available members in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Rakeem Miles, a Los Angeles artist, is partnering with Microsoft and Pacsun for his Halo themed clothing line. He has requested that armored members appear at a photoshoot. I will have details coming shortly, so please keep your eyes peeled.

I'll be speaking to him on Monday, so that is when I will have a more formulated plan. However, the deadline for this is short. Approved date for the shoot is October 1st. I realize that this is incredibly short notice for a lot of us, so please let me know as soon as you can in this thread if you think you'll be open.

I will be using this thread as our main mode of communication until we define a solid group of people that can attend. Once we do, I will create a chat with those of us that can make it.

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Update: Saturday October 1st is the approved date of the photoshoot.
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