1st Build Losing motivation to finish a suit; what do you guys actually do with yours?

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I have been particularly fond of customizing action figures for almost 10 years now. I ended up buying a h3 recon helmet cast on etsy (as I always wanted one since I did the vidmasters a decade ago) and loved painting it and seeing the final result. I started lurking 405th and quickly decided I wanted to make it into a full suit. I was intrigued to get into familar techniques like 3d printing, resin casting and custom painting. I was also excited to try out the stuff new to me such as eva foam, pepakura, etc. Ive now completed a good chunk of my first ever suit.

Honestly, I have reached a point where I have finished all the "coolest" looking parts of the suit and I am kinda losing interest in finishing the project. First off, I kinda dove head first into this without even thinking what I would even do with it once it is completed. Im not really the type of person that dresses up in a costume for any reason pretty much ever. I can't really see myself enjoying going to a comic-con type event and walking around in my suit by myself. Secondly, it's too big to display. The main reason I got into building a suit was its similarity to customizing action figures and the best part of that is being able to display and view your piece as on finished product. The only way to properly view the suit is to put it on and look in a mirror; and I dont have space to display it on a mannequin. So now I find myself looking at what it takes to finish the suit and not really feeling enthusiastic about it. The large back and lower body pieces are huge and expensive or very time consuming to make depending on the medium used. Im afraid if I finish this thing it will just sit in my closet and be forgotten about.

So ultimately, what motivates you guys to make your suits? Is it the social aspect associated with costuming? Or just the pure artistry associated with it? Or do you just love the building process? And what do you do with your suit? Thanks.

Helmet- Resin Casted
Shoulders- 3d printed
Chest- Pepakura
Biceps-EVA foam
Hands & forearms- 3d printed
I get my motivation because I simply like building things, I really enjoy the community aspect of it, and I have fun suiting up and going to cons regardless of whether I'm going it alone or with a group.

As for my suits, the majority of any suit goes into storage when not attending a con because I don't have a good place to display a full suit all of the time. Helmets and props tend to get displayed though. I have a few areas in which I display them. Here's one example that has WIPs, helmets from retired suits, and pieces that will likely never get a full suit to go with.
2022-01-14 09.51.57.jpg
I tend to get my motivation by looking forward to actually wear the complete costume I made, being able to show my work, and being able to go to conventions and meet all kinds of people. I get excited and encouraged that I don't just have to play a Spartan, I can BE the Spartan. Its a dream and goal I've had for a long time and I want to finally get it done!
Honestly since separating from active duty military earlier this year I really needed something to keep my mind busy and building my current costume and learning new skills (3d printing etc.) really does it for me. I lost motivation at one point but it really helped me to think about how I can make each piece of the armor unique in a way to what others have made and make it mine. To make every piece a "cool piece".

Also on a second note since you haven't tried suiting up yet it seems you can always start doing Halloween or meeting up with local people from the forums so you aren't alone at conventions. I know you say you aren't that kind of person but honestly I would try it at least once as you may end up finding a new hobby you enjoy. Did that with D&D on a deployment and am hooked for life. Same with my first convention. Seeing all the cool costumes others have is really why I like going.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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