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M247 Foamboard

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by Dirtdives, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Kusak3


    <absently drops a Pelican on Capt. Obvious> But anyhow still looking good in translation from pep to FB

    I think the biggest thing I am afraid of on mine is the structural pieces for the frame. I dont feel that the foam is going to have enough strength to hold up to being handled. So going to laminate foam to plastic sheets that I have then cut. going to be a bit time consuming there
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  2. Dirtdives


    I was wwonder about that for yours as well. Especially the rear structure w/ the 4 struts attaching the 2 levels for the handel and trigger. Not sure how you can translate that to EVA foam. It has too much give. The front end is "solid enough". Laminated foam? EVA foam? Never heard of that.
  3. Kusak3


    Pretty straight forward. I take a piece of eva foam and a piece of poly styrene sheeting which is about 1/4 inch thick. Old signage from my place of employment. and then glue the two of them together and then do the final cut to correct dimension. And poof you have a piece of laminated foam.
  4. Dirtdives


    very cool. can't wait to see the finished piece.
  5. Dirtdives



    Making slow but steady progress. Working w/ FB is a labor of love and patience. One wrong cut and you've ruined the piece and yes I have messed up several pieces along the way so far. But progress is progress. and here is where I'm up to

    It was such a nice day out one day last week I decided to work outside:


    precision pieces w/ ID numbers so I can cut them in groups and not loose what goes where. I have to make sure that each piece is the correct size and the cut is as well. I've already run in to sizing issues which once build, can not be corrected easily. I'll show you what I mean in a moment.


    Here is what I have so far....the Iron sight, the upper barrel and the heat exchange. Each of these are assemble separately. However 1 mistaken measurement threw the connection of the barrel to the heat exchange off so that the barrel was not 100% straight. This was corrected by a small FB shim glued to one side at the connection point.


    Here you can see the gap created and the shims themselves. Once I have the vent holes cleaned up I'll be dropping a piece of thin craft foam over the whole top to round off top edge itself and that gap will be covered. Each piece is being individually beveled and I'm not talking about the whole template piece.....where ever there is a fold on a template....that piece is getting individually cut, beveled and reattached. It is a long process but well worth the effort. This is already showing signs of heftiness to it so its not going to be some fly-away piece in the end. and yes I did drop it a few times......no damage yet......have to stop doing that soon......going to be too heavy soon and it will break somewhere......
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  6. CommanderPalmer


    I seriously love your attention to detail. Really. This build has so much potential! It's gonna be great. :D
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  7. Kusak3


    Looking good.
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  8. Dirtdives


    Thanks guys. Unfortunately......not really.....this is going on the back burner for the moment.....Since I finally came to a decision on my suit, I need to get that done first. I have 4 months till NYC Comicon.......and I still have to redo my son's chest piece and get his boots done......and repaint......love setting myself ridiculous goals and short deadlines.....
  9. Jme


    What better way to motivate yourself!

    "I don't know what's weirder, that you're fighting a stuffed animal, or that you seem to be losing" - Suzie
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  10. Dirtdives


    :wacko yyyyeeeaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
  11. eric draven

    eric draven New Member

    Awesome build. I am currently using foam board for a project. Nothing as complex as yours, just the swords and 3dmg from aot.
  12. Dirtdives


    Thanks eric draven, appreciate it......Not sure if it's going to make it to NYC Comicon this year.......maybe the next......
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  13. eric draven

    eric draven New Member

    Well whenever it's completed I'm sure it's gonna be sweet! Looking forward to a pic heavy update
  14. Dirtdives


    WOW.......it has been so long since I had an update for this build........BUT I'M BACK!!!!!!! and the building continues!!!!

    OK so in addition to the upper barrel, heat exchange and iron sight which I found just sitting in the corner of the basement (forgot about this build, shame on me!!), lets add the upper and lower tripod mounting sections and the magazine.
    IMG_0622.JPG IMG_0623.JPG IMG_0624.JPG

    Since the last update, I managed to get a new tool for my workshop.....a bench top drill press......I know what you saying. "So what?"....well just add a drum sander attachment, and everything comes out super smooth and even. It makes a world of difference in regards to building w/ FB. No cut is ever the same even when building multiples of the same piece that get attached together. So smoothing out a multi level piece is essential for a nice piece.

    Now I am having some issues in regards to the grips.....granted FB is pretty sturdy, I'm just unclear on what material to use and how to attache it to the framework........I should have a few more pieces assembled in a couple of days and I can get a better idea of what I'm doing about that.....Regardless, pieces are coming along nicely and I will have this ready for my next con....whenever that is...Not much going on until after the new year......I will have the most updated con list for everyone as soon as I can.

    As always, comments and questions are welcome.
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  15. Dirtdives


    Ok next piece is done and attached......well I do have 2 other pieces as well but no where to attach to yet so they don't count.

    Here is the "Chamber" attached to the back end of the main barrel:


    Alright....not much to see but still progress is progress. I was looking over all my pieces....I'm thinking that several of them would look better w/ some craft foam covering a lot of my mistakes and seams.....just an idea. Now I was also under the impression that I would have had to use something other than FB to create the cylindrical pieces....but I've been working on my Foam Board-Fu.....Yes I said it...FBF.....and I think I can make a passable one......time will tell. I'm going to need honest opinions once I have it built to see if I should continue in that direction or not.....lately my judgment has been woefully lacking.
  16. Kusak3


    Looking really good. Keep at it considering how it looks now. It will be perfect when you finish. My poor girl is do for a revisit after getting limp barrel itus due to weight.
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  17. Dirtdives


    Dam you're up early........I don't recall, did you put any type of dowel on the inside? I'll have to revisit your build thread.......Thanks for the compliment and knowing you.....you'll get her back in shape in no time.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
  18. Dirtdives


    After-weekend update:

    It's like 6 times the the effort compared to foaming.......and more pieces than anything Iv'e ever done. IMG_0671.JPG . Example: 1 piece of EVA foam could have made this piece but with FB...... IMG_0670.JPG ....it's 5 slices.

    Believe it or not, creating the cylinder shape wasn't that hard.....nor was making the tapered section for the front.

    IMG_0669.JPG just following the template fold lines and making undercuts on the backside......... IMG_0676.JPG IMG_0677.JPG ......not bad. I do need to do something about the forward grips though. The PVC tube isn't exactly perfectly angled so there is some pull to the FB sides and the glue is just pulling away. My thinking is to get a couple of washers, nuts and thread a thin bolt through either end to secure the whole thing.........but any way I do it.....so far so good.

    IMG_0675.JPG Look ma, 1 hand!!! The effort is well worth the end product!!!!
  19. Kusak3


    Cant even remember why I was up so early. Probably just me not sleeping due to my back being a pest.

    And no I didnt have any support running through the barrel which was a real error on my part. still much in the learning stage when I did her. I will eventually get around to doing a total rebuild. Mixed foam and 3d print though this time. thinking body in foam and then things like the handles and supports as a 3d print. But really it is down the road when I dont have other projects looking me in the face going you need to finish this to get paid.
  20. Dirtdives


    Hello, hello, hello!!!!! It's been a while......Holiday's........ vacation...... 2nd job.......but I still managed to get some work done on my new baby. Finished assembling the majority of the rear chamber and attached everything together. Here's my daughter Rock-en out w/ "Little Painless".....A few things to add though:

    Lower barrel, rear handle, some top pieces on the rear chamber, fire control box (Assembled but not attached yet) and a ton of minor details. And all that before a few coats of 50/50 and then paint......

    Now as I was looking at the overall assembled piece....I should have put in a central rod for more stability. This is the most detailed and elaborate piece I have ever made w/ FB and I'm just hoping that my glue points are enough to keep it straight and unbent. A few well placed "inconspicuous" strap pieces might help a bit, but I'm at the point where I don't think dropping it now would be a good idea. Having my son spin around the living room demonstrating his "No Scope" firing technique w/ this...... got me incredibly nervous. I'm also hoping that the 50/50 will shore up the exterior enough that I can breath a little better if I bump into anything.

    Well that's it for now.....and once again it may be a while till the next update because I was just commissioned for a big construction job that will take care of some bills and at least 2 cons for this year.......have to have priorities straight. ;)

    As always, comments, criticisms and mistakes made.....are always welcome.


    IMG_0704.JPG IMG_0705.JPG
  21. Dirtdives


    After Weekend Update:

    I know I said that it would be a while till the next update.....but the big job hasn't started yet and I had time in between layers of paint drying to get some stuff done.

    I added in some more detail framing screws and some pan head screws for stabilizing and securing pieces together.........which I should have done earlier......While relocating, I heard a large cracking noise.....apparently one of my seams was not glued fully. The bad part was it wasn't a section piece to section piece that failed. It was the piece that attached one section to another that pulled off. It was the point right under the forward grip at the end of the forward chamber Not a huge problem....just a concern now that this might happen again.


    And yes, you guessed it.....I not only have a rear grip.....it has a working trigger!!!! I came across my old PC joystick and took the sucker apart.


    Took some PVC piping, heated it up (I was too lazy to cut and re-glue) bent it to shape and fit the whole thing together. A few more well placed screws and the back end is just about finished.


    Add on the fire control box......now I just have to find the right "Cable/Hose" to connect the box to the rear chamber, build and attach the lower barrel and then I can start the 50/50.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  22. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    I didn't see that you started this up again. Gonna have to subscribe cause this is looking awesome Foam Board Master Dirt!

    Love the joystick repurposed.
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  23. Dirtdives


    I could get behind that title.
  24. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    I've always found it hilarious how floppy PVC gets when heated. Must be the ancient greek in me.

    Maybe you can replace the barrel with a PVC pipe that goes most of the way through if you're having stability concerns. Maybe a few 4-way intersections branching off to help the more distant parts.
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  25. Dirtdives


    Stability isn’t an issue with this. This has no flop to it like EVA does. In that kind of a build you would need some internal stabilization like you suggest. Foam board is much more ridged and since I built it in section each piece is very solid. I dropped several of the pieces prior to full assembly w/o incident. I’m currently working on the final piece, the lower barrel, and just covering up as many of the exposed layer edges of the foam that I can. Hopefully I can get to the 50/50 by mid week and base coat by next weekend. Not going to make it for my Purim Party though . At least I have my DMR.

    I have a question though. The colored film for my visor developed air bubbles since I last wore it. If I heat it w/ my heat gun will it destroy the film? Or should I just poke the bubbles with a pin and try to squeeze the air out. I’m just afraid that will just make crease marks in the visor.

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