M6G Magnum Model

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Drawings added, see downloads page linked below.


It's all concrete dimensions, mostly sticking to fractional and rounded decimal english sizes. Length is accurate, a side shot was resized to match and the rest was traced over it.. so it's reasonably accurate.

I know there are some small details missing from the sides and the handle. I'll add them later. If anyone has suggestions of improvements, I'll add or correct as necessary and update the files.
DOWNLOADS: http://vrogy.net/m6g-magnum-model/

sharing is caring. :lol:
I found some new reference pics here in the 405th from Leadingspartan and Xavier.

Now I can see parts I couldn't before! I'll add the extra detail in those as soon as I get the preliminary SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle model done.. it actually doesn't look that hard, I found some better reference pics for it than what I had.
Great work, but you are a lot mistaken in grip thickness.
Just see your own reference pics.

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