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spartan 1

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hey, i'm considering making a ghost, and i would like to see some refs 1- to see what im getting into and 2- for refs

note: IT WILL NOT FLY. it will use wheels. i wish it would fly, but it will not.

hey btw theres ways to make things hover but not move, i saw it once like 4 years ago in a boy scout magazine, im sure theres ways to do it
here we go


sorry that took so long
i actually think i saw sumtin on instructables about single person hovercrafts, but it was expensive. mythbusters did it too, but again, expensive.

Sound awesome man, the idea of a ghost hovercraft sound super sweet but even iff you could do it for a reasonable price from what i understand about hovercraft it would be very hard to make a ghost hover because of the shape. If you really want it to have that hovering aspect though. This is what i woudl sugest.

Combine the wheels and the hover.
- The rear is gonna be the hardest to loft because that it where you sit. so i would use 2 air filled ride on mower type tire in a narrow axle free spinning so it will turn on a dime. your wheels will probably be your best bet for propultion also which will give you maor controll instead of just floating. you could even hook it up like a bicycle so you dont have to use another enging or motor.

- I would use the hover part in the front. because the fron will only contain the weight of the parts it holds it shoudl be easier to create effective lift. YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU USE THE LIGHTEST MATERIALS POSSIBLE!!!!!! OR IT WILL NOT WORK!

If you are Serious about this i suggest you order one of these from amazon for referance it help alot more to be able to have a three dimentional object ars referance than just pictures, however pictures do play thier part also.

This project sounds fun, i wish i had thought about it and more importantly have the time and money to do it.
Here are some good referance pictures i got off of, If you are interested in that hover wheel hybrid idea PM ma and i will see if i can do some sketches for you, i toyed around with hovercraft designs alot when i was in high school. ;-)

thanks fer the refs,
right now, this project is only in the consideration stage, and i wanted sum basic refs to decide if i can 1 afford it and 2 actually DO it. well, actually, affording it wont be too hard, cuz its easy for me to get most of the stuff for this, pretty much free ( i hope)

so far, its lookin good

and as for the hybrid idea...well to quote eternal "i wish i had thought of that"

here's a thought.

you might just try to get something like a dirtbike.

a small motorcycle that you could build on top of. yes it would have wheels and wouldn't technically hover.

but the pure awesomeness of riding down your street in a 90% accurate ghost would make up for that small thing.
epoch, id did consider that idea, but if i took a turn to sharply, or attempted to slide aro whatever other stupid things i would do, i could say bye-bye to my hosts ever-so-exy wings.

also, i think i read somewhwere that hovercrafts are street-legal (within certain perameters)

and also, i have an idea to run past you guys, so tell me what you think;
if i wanted a complete hovercraft, instead of making a tiny but superpowerful hover thingy for the back seat, i was wonering if i had a weight in the nose of the ghost to counterbalance my weight, and then had two fans running to give me the extra lift i would need.
I don't think adding any weight is gonna help balance things out casue iff you are not hovering it is because thee is too much weight already not over enough area.

as for using a motorcycle, it wouldnt work because when you ride a motorcycle you ont just turn your handle bars to turn you have to lean the bike and like spartan-1 said the wing would probably break off.

I think that you might be able to to the hybrid idea the easiest and use a modified moped or something , you know one of theose big scooters with the little engine. that way you could have a throttle and you would just have to rig a simple steening system.
what i think im gunna do-
1. ditch the hovercraft idea. too much hassle
2. im gunna rip motoer, brakes, etc outta a go-cart and stuff em in a ghost shell (materials are of yet, unkown, but considering fiberglass)

as for steering, it will be front steering, which will be a challenge, because it will also be front-turning. if anyone has any idea how to do this, please post it or pm me.

also, i think i will make the shell removable in case i want to stick it on a different locomotion system (so if i make a functioning hovercraft base fer it, etc.)

post your comments!

p.s. would anyone hppen to know the price of fiberglass, and where i could get it? help is appreciated!
thats actually what i was considering doing, sorta, but instead of a big back wheel, i was thinkin about one of those off road "grocery cart" wheels you can get at lowes :p

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